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All students are participating in the Graduate Certificate Program or minoring in Women's Studies either through their Master's or Ph.D. degree plans, unless otherwise noted.

What are students saying about our program?

Samantha Christopher

"It wasn't until I took my first Women's and Gender Studies class as an undergrad at Ohio University that I knew I found my passion. The critical thinking skills and the emphasis on multiculturalism and power dynamics was the driving force for me to go to graduate school for Counseling Psychology at TTU. There is incredible power in understanding the relationship between marginalized groups of people and the greater society – and in psychology and counseling, addressing this power is essential in providing quality service. Women's and gender studies (as well as programs like African American Studies, Native American Studies and LGBTQ Studies, as examples) is also crucial in critically analyzing and conducting research in the social sciences; research that is contributing to the greater knowledge of the field and of our human experience. Continuing my scholarly growth in women's studies while being a psychologist-in-training is crucial in my academic development at Texas Tech.

My background in women's and gender studies prompted me in my undergrad to be involved with many organizations focusing on the empowerment of women – which laid the foundation for my feminist-oriented endeavors outside of academia in Lubbock. I became a member of the Lubbock Betty Anderson Branch of American Association of University Women (AAUW), and I am currently offering myself as a mentor for their Mother-Daughter Program. I also am becoming involved with the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance – an organization that was not available to me in my undergraduate career. Throughout my academic career at Texas Tech, I look forward to the plethora of opportunities to expand my services and time to foster the empowerment of women in the community."

Chinatu Gladrich

"I grew up with a consciousness of women's plight in society. I have always been attracted to women related discourses, but they always left me with a quest to know more. Joining the Women's Study program has helped to satisfy that quest. It opened up to me a wealth of resources to understand women issues. I find the Women's Studies program to be integrated with other fields of academia. I never imagined ‘Women in Science' or ‘Women in Sports' as being worth scholarly discourse. I thought topics like that were only found in newspapers. It is exciting and interesting to take classes with students from other fields like Music, Archeology, Theatre Arts, etc. and to share information. These days when I look around I see a lot of what we learned in class. Women Studies courses are applicable to every part of life. Quite a rewarding experience!"

Jeanne Haggard

"While I wish there was no need for a specific focus on women's studies, we don't live in an ideal world. In an ideal world, we would be concerned with human studies. Since we don't live in an ideal world, working with the women's studies program is an avenue of empowerment for me."


Current Students

Have you taken a Women's Studies course that helped you in life, education, career choices, etc. and want to tell other Texas Tech University students about it? We want to hear from you! Use the form below to tell us about your experience and we'll incorporate it into the course profile for that course on our website. Thank you for your positive Women's Studies Program Course stories!


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There are * 652 women's and gender studies programs at community colleges, colleges, and universities in the U.S.

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