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Graduate Admissions


We are glad that you are considering doing your graduate studies in chemical engineering at Texas Tech University. For a full view of our faculty activities, click here to go to our website research link. Before continuing the application process, please examine the Graduate Student Profile to compare your profile to those of our currently enrolled graduate students.

Application to a US graduate school can be expensive for many students. Additionally, the amount of material required from the applicant is not insignificant and all documents, without exception, must be official. These guidelines, put forth from the Graduate School, and there to insure that only the best applicant is selected to be a member of the graduate body at Texas Tech University and our past history has shown that only the best applicant can meet the high standards set by the Department of Chemical Engineering. As such, under no circumstances can the application fee be waived nor can anything less than official documents are accepted. To request such a consideration will be answered in the negative.

Our reviewing process for Fall admissions normally begins in February and because of our nationally recognized programs, there are many applicants for a limited number of opportunities. To be sure to be reviewed for Fall admissions, it is highly recommended that your completed material (official transcripts, standard test scores) be in by the end of January. Only a limited number of positions are available in the Spring and that reviewing process is done in October.

Doctoral students are given preference.

There are channels for financial support, but these are limited and competitive. Of over fifty completed applications received each year, offers are made with financial support to 10−15 applicants who represent the highest potential for success in our graduate program.

Measures of success that may be of interest to you include, GRE, TOEFL (for foreign applicants), in addition, the candidate is usually in the top 10% of their B.S. Chemical Engineering class. A study of the letters of reference also shows that the successful candidate is very creative, results−oriented, respectful, intuitive, and dedicated.

Graduate Program Application Process

Texas Tech's School Code for the TOEFL and the GRE tests is 6827.

Application Process:

Your application to graduate school will be processed through the Texas Tech Graduate School Office of Admissions. Follow the instructions given on the Office of Admissions how to page. Note that you may complete the form online or request that the application materials be mailed to you. If you would prefer to receive the application materials via e-mail, please email the Graduate Advisor for the Department of Chemical Engineering. To be considered for graduate admissions at Texas Tech, you will need to submit the application form, application fee, and your official GRE scores and college transcripts to the Graduate School Office of Admissions. Additionally, if you are an international applicant, you must also submit your official TOEFL scores to the Graduate School Office of Admissions.

Once you complete the initial application,you will receive an email with a link to Recruiter,to ask you to log into recruiter to complete the application process.


You may request a research assistantship from the Graduate Advisor. To be considered you will need to return the Application for Research form to the Graduate Advisor in the Department of Chemical Engineering, Dr. Siva Vanapalli at gradprogram.che@ttu.edu.

Best wishes. We look forward to hearing from you.

For more information you can e-mail the Graduate Advisor in the Department of Chemical Engineering, Dr. Siva Vanapalli at gradprogram.che@ttu.edu.

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