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Financial Aid, Scholarships, and Awards

University, College, and Departmental Scholarships

The scholarship coordinator for the Department of Chemical Engineering is Dr. Ronald C. Hedden.

To be considered for a scholarship from the Department of Chemical Engineering, students must complete a Departmental Scholarship form by the deadline, which is generally in March or April. In the spring semester, look for an email from Kristina Thompson regarding the deadline for the upcoming year and the current version of the application forms. Students not completing the departmental application by the announced deadline will not be considered.

To see how to apply for college scholarships, visit the Whitacre College of Engineering scholarship page. If you would like to apply for all scholarships available from the university, please visit the Financial Aid Office’s website to learn more.

External Scholarships

Award for Academic Excellence in Chemical Engineering

The Award for Academic Excellence in Chemical Engineering is given to the top academic achievers in the undergraduate chemical engineering program.the scholarship committee selects award winners from the finalists that meet the following criteria

2016 Awardees

2015 Awardees