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Welcome to the College of Media & Communication's Podcast page. Here you will find podcasts from the Students and Faculty of Media Comm.

What is a Podcast?
Podcasts are audio and video files that can be subscribed to on the World Wide Web.

How much does it cost?
Most podcasts on the web are free. Podcasts from the College of Media & Communication are free and we would love for you to subscribe to any and all podcast feeds we provide.

What do I need to subscribe?
To subscribe to a podcast you will need an RSS feed aggregator. We suggest that you download iTunes which is free for anyone with a PC or Mac. Once you have ITUNES installed on your computer, simply click on the following button:
Click on this button once and ITUNES will automatically launch and the podcast will download onto your computer. For your convenience, we will also list MP3 and Quicktime versions of the material just in case you don't want to download ITUNES. However, we do recommend that you download the free software as it will help you manage all of the podcasts you want to listen to.

All of Our Podcasts:


The EMCast: Student Podcasts from Electronic Media and Communications students.

Hispanic and International Communication Special Guests:

Dr. Felipe Korzenny Co-author of the book: Hispanic Marketing: A Cultural Perspective: Quicktime


Career Development:

  • Career Tips (produced by Allison Mouser): Quicktime
  • Meet Aleesa Ross (produced by Mike Devlin): Quicktime
  • Résumé Writing Workshop: Quicktime

Brown Bag Lunch Series:


Informational presentations about topics of interest to and useful for Mass Comm graduate students.

Mass Communication Equipment Tutorials:


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