Communication Studies

Undergraduate Program


Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies

Purpose of degree program

The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication Studies Program develops students with specialized knowledge and skills in the functions of human symbolic interaction. Optional concentrations within the major foster study and application of communication principles, theories, and research in a variety of personal, social, public, and professional contexts. The program prepares students for career entry in business, industry, government, social and civic service, and education.


1 Students will articulate historical and philosophical foundations of the Communication Studies discipline and their importance to students’ personal, social, civic, and professional aspirations. Most graduating seniors participating in exit surveys and/or focus groups will be able to report how the major has helped them to prepare for further personal, social, and professional development and civic engagement.
2 Students will demonstrate ability to assess the relative appropriateness and effectiveness of verbal and nonverbal communication functions in a variety of interaction contexts. Most students majoring in Communication Studies will attain 80% or better mastery on course assignments designed to test their application of principles of verbal and nonverbal communication.
3 Students will demonstrate high competency in delivering speeches and other oral presentations. Most students majoring in Communication Studies will attain 80% or better mastery on the final, summative speaking assignment in COMS 2300 and/or COMS 3358, and on other presentation assignments in subsequent Communication Studies courses.
4 Students will apply principles from established theories of communication and rhetoric to analyses of communicative problems in personal, social, public, and professional contexts. Students in the communication internship course will attain a high margin of positive evaluation from internship providers about the students’ application of communication principles to the entity’s communication needs. Students in the internship course will attain an 80% or better evaluation outcome on their written report about the communication analyses conducted as part of the internship.
5 Students will demonstrate ability to comprehend and interpret communication research to discover, identify, describe, and explain communication phenomena. All majors graduating from the program should perform at a level of “C” or better on course exams, projects, and papers that measure student abilities to understand and use communication research.