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Doctor of Philosophy in Human Development and Family Studies

HDFS Doctoral Program Highlights

  • Students in the Doctor of Philosophy in Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS) program also complete the Master's program requirements. Up to 30 transfer hours from an already completed Master's program may be applied toward doctoral program requirements upon approval of the student's committee and the Graduate School. 
  • Doctoral students spend two semesters in the HDFS department teaching undergraduate courses (following a practicum with guidance with a professor)—a unique aspect of our doctoral program that prepares graduate students for teaching in an academic institution. 
  • Nearly half of the hours in the doctoral program (39 of 84 hours) are electives. This allows students to define their own area of specialization. At least nine courses must be related to their specialization, and up to five courses may be taken outside of the HDFS department. Many HDFS students take courses at the TTU Health Sciences Center, College of Education, Psychology, Sociology, and other related fields. 
  • The HDFS program has a rigorous methodological sequence including quantitative and qualitative course offerings and electives. 
  • Graduate students are actively involved in research projects throughout their program and work in HDFS faculty research labs and may include research collaborations in the Child Development Research Center, the Center for Adolescent Resiliency, the Early Head Start Program and the Institute for Developmental Science.
  • Research collaborations are available across campus including the TTU Health Sciences Center, Women's Studies, the Burkhart Center for Autism Research, the Institute for Measurement, Methodology, Analysis and Policy to name a few.


Admission Deadline:

December 1

Prospective Student Visit:

February 21-23, 2018

How to Apply

Summer/Fall 2018 Applications

The Graduate School online application system is designed to help you easily navigate through the application process and ensure you complete your application in a timely manner. 

ALL documents must be submitted through the online portal and directly to the department.

How to Apply

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Current Student Forms

All forms should be filled out, saved to your computer, and emailed to the HDFS Graduate Program Coordinator, sandra.c.vasquez@ttu.edu.

Postal Mailing Address
Texas Tech University
Office of Graduate and International Admissions
Box 41030
Lubbock, TX 79409-1030

Physical Mailing Address (Express Mail)
Texas Tech University
Office of Graduate and International Admissions
Boston Ave. at Akron Ave.
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Contact Information for Graduate School
If you have any questions about your application, call (806) 742-2781 or email: graduate.admissions@ttu.edu.
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Post-baccalaureate Ph.D. in HDFS

For students with undergraduate research backgrounds, a post-baccalaureate Ph.D. is available. Applicants must show a history of involvement in research in an undergraduate program or after completion of the undergraduate degree. Applicants must also indicate a strong interest in continuing to conduct research.

When students first enter the program, they proceed as if they are Masters students. They take the same courses and fulfill the same requirements. After the successful defense of the thesis and completion of any required revisions to the thesis, a post-bac Ph.D. student's status changes to Ph.D. student. Post-bac Ph.D. students complete all of the same requirements as other Ph.D. students, except that they are exempt from the application process for the Ph.D. program.