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Research Training

With active mentoring by faculty, students rapidly gain skills, experience, and confidence in research. Students have presented their research at national and international conferences and have published in journals prior to graduation.

All faculty members are engaged in research. Generally, these provide opportunities to gain experience in research by working with the faculty members. In addition, each student will design a research project with the assistance of her or his faculty advisor.

Current faculty research includes:

Sample student research includes:


Faculty members are active with a number of sponsored research and service projects. Usually these grants provide additional opportunities for students to gain clinical experience for some compensation. Recent Grant Activities include:

Recent Grant Activities:

David Ivey, Ph.D.

Ivey, David., & Kimball, Tom. Medical Family Therapy. The CH Foundation, 2009-2011. $50,000 per year (total = $150,000).

Ivey, David., Prouty, Anne. Medical family Therapy with Pediatric Oncology Cases: Post-Doctoral fellowship application for the evaluation of treatment outcomes and effectiveness for children and family members. The College of Human Sciences, 2012. ($15,000 - funding received to support a graduate research assistant).

Pending Proposals

Ivey, David., & Prouty, Anne. Medical Family Therapy. Covenant Health Systems, 2012-2014. $50,000 per year (total = $150,000).  

Unfunded Proposals

Ivey, David., Kimball, Tom., Colwell, Malinda. The role of family and community intervention to address the psychological and fiscal consequences from acute pediatric illness. National Institute of Mental Health, 2009. $926,314.

Doug Smith, Ph.D.

Safety in Intimate Partner Relationships. Texas Tech University Faculty Seed Grant, October 2008 – August 2009, $5,000

Unfunded Proposals

Group Therapy for Parents of Abused Children. The Hogg Foundation, January 2009, $67,015

Trauma and Changes in PTSD, Depression and Anxiety for Female Victims of Intimate Partner Violence in a Texas Women's Shelter. The Hogg Foundation, January 13, 2011

Jason Whiting, Ph.D.

Whiting, J. B. (PI). Texas Healthy Marriage Initiative: Evaluation of State Relationship Education Programs and Regional Intermediaries. Texas State Health and Human Services Commission ($571,624 FY 09-11).

Whiting, J. B. (PI). Texas Tech Relationship Education Initiative (TTREI): Partnering with the Legacy Group “Twogether in Texas” Program. Texas State Health and Human Services Commission ($90,000 FY 08-09).

Anne Prouty, Ph.D.

Grants Submitted

Prouty, A., Cobos, E., & Purdom, A. (2011). Are Adult Attachment Style and Family Relationship Health a foundation for  Patients' Quality of Life and Communication? A Pilot Study. Submitted to TTU System Cancer Grant Competition.

Research in Progress

"Daughters' Perspectives after her Mother's Breast Cancer" (Under Development)

"Family Resiliency During Breast Cancer Treatment: A Pilot Study" (On-going)

"MFT Training Mentorship Experiences Survey" (On-going)
Survey of 9,000 new family therapists in the US and Canada about their experiences, or lack of, with mentorship in their training program.

Nicole Springer, Ph.D.

Research in Progress

January 2009 – present
‘My Kid Has More Chromosomes than Your Kid!’: The Journey to Resilience and Hope in Parenting a Child with Down Syndrome.
In collaboration with Dr. Briana Nelson Goff (Kansas State Univ.)
An online survey of parents raising a child with DS.  Qualitative interviews will be conducted with a sub-set of survey respondents.

May 2009 – July 2011
‘Special Needs Financial Planning: Assessing Community Awareness’
In collaboration with Mitzi Lauderdale, JD and Rich Stebbins, JD ($52,000 funded by the The CH Foundation)
An online needs assessment of financial planning awareness for special needs loved one.

Clinical Services Grants:

June 2010 – present
Early Head Start Mental Health Supervisor(15% of $677,564)
Provide clinical supervision to mental health provider.

Oct 2010 – present
Juvenile Justice Center Mental Health Service ($130,000)
Supervise service providers in residential center and probation
Develop and implement group curriculum and outcome data collection and evaluation