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Personal Financial Planning

PFP Graduate Student Evaluation

All graduate students (Masters and Ph.D.) employed as graduate assistants (TA, RA, GA, GPTI) are required to be evaluated by each supervising faculty member for each semester they carry an assistantship. All Ph.D. students are required to be evaluated annually (see below for further detail).

Assistantship Evaluation:

Graduate students who are on assistantships will be evaluated on their performance in carrying out their assistantship assignment. The evaluation will vary based on the type of assistantship held, but the evaluation will be recorded on the Graduate Student Assistantship Performance Review form (to be completed by the student's faculty supervisor). Once the student's faculty supervisor completes the Assistantship Evaluation Form, a meeting will be held to discuss the student's job performance. For doctoral students, job performance will also be reviewed at the annual academic progress evaluation meeting (see below). Unsatisfactory progress on an assistantship may result in termination of the position at any time.


Annual Evaluation of Doctoral Students

Each student will be evaluated at least once per year while enrolled in the program. The purpose of the evaluation is to maintain a record of student achievement, for improvement or remediation if needed, and to serve as a screening procedure for maintaining quality standards in the profession. The annual review consists of 2 major areas – Academic Progress and Assistantship Performance Evaluation (if applicable).

Academic Progress:

All students are required to complete the Annual Ph.D. Student Progress Review Form by March 1 of each year enrolled in the program. This form provides information to assess academic and professional achievement, progress in coursework, responsible, ethical, and interpersonal behavior as well as emotional maturity through the following 6 elements:

  1. Coursework requirements and progress.
  2. Academic program summary and progress toward/completing dissertation.
  3. Research progress.
  4. Teaching progress.
  5. Professional activities.
  6. Self evaluation and future goals.

On or before March 1, the student will submit the Annual Ph.D. Student Progress Review form to the Review Coordinator. A meeting will then be scheduled with the Review Committee to evaluate progress and complete the Ph.D. Student Academic Progress Report Form (to be completed by the Review Committee). A copy of the Annual Ph.D. Student Progress Review, the Ph.D. Student Academic Progress Report, and the Graduate Student Assistantship Performance Reviews (if applicable) will reside in the student's PFP Department file.