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Personal Financial Planning


Robert E. Barnhill, III, JD, CPA/PFS, CFP®


Phone | 806-834-0240
Office | HS 234B

Classes Taught: Individual Tax Planning Topics – PFP 3350 and PFP 5350

Research Interest: Fiduciary Income Taxation; Estate and Gift Taxation Experience: Licensed attorney and CPA for over 30 years; Licensed CFP for over 20 years. Robert has taught at Texas Tech University since 1986. Robert is an author of six books covering the estate, retirement and individual tax areas. He conducts eighty continuing education courses each year and has conducted a course in 48 states.

Leadership / Awards Texas Tech University: 1996-97 International President of Toastmasters International. Robert has been recognized as one of only 58 Accredited Speakers in the world by Toastmasters International. Robert is a past President of the West Texas Chapter of the Financial Planning Association.

Recent Publications: Update of “Understanding Estate and Gift Taxation”, “Accounting for Estates and Trusts”, and “Fiduciary Income Tax Workshop.


Dr. Chris Browning

Dr. Chris Browning

Assistant Professor

Phone | 806-834-8060
Office | HS 252

Classes Taught: Fundamentals of Asset Management – PFP 3376; Introduction to Personal Finance – PFP 3301

Research Interests: Consumer behavior and financial decision making, retirement planning and policy, cognitive ability and retirement portfolio management

Experience: PhD in Personal Financial Planning from Texas Tech University, Instructor at West Texas A&M University from 2005-2007, Assistant Professor and Department Chairperson at East Central University from 2011 to 2013, Assistant Professor at Texas Tech University from 2013 to present

Leadership / Awards Texas Tech University: 2010 Winner, iOMe National Retirement Challenge, 2010 Winner, Academy of Financial Services Best Paper Award

Recent Publications: Browning, C., Finke, M., and Huston, S. (2012). Rational Choice with Complex Products: Consumer Valuation of Annuities. Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning, 23(2), 32-45.


Harold Evensky, CFP®

Professor of Practice

Phone | 806-834-5042
Office | HS 234B

Research Interest: Behavioral finance issues in financial planning; Educational requirements for PFP graduates; Portfolio design in low return environment; Retirement income design; Risk tolerance evaluation; Capital needs analysis

Experience: President, Evensky and Katz Wealth Management (25+ years)

Leadership / Awards Texas Tech University: Former Chairperson CFP Board of Governors, Board of Examiners, Board of Appeals, International CFP Council, TIAA-CREF Institute Investment Advisory Board, Board member IAFP National Board, FPA Heart of Financial Planning

Recent Publications: Journal of Financial Planning Research Columnist; JFSP (with David Cordell), “Financial Planning Research: Recent Academic Articles That Are Relevant To Practitioners;” Journal of Financial Planning (with John Salter & Shaun Pfeiffer) Standby Reverse Mortgages: A New Cash Management Tool for Financial Advisors;”  Journal of Investing (with Shaun Pfeiffer) “Modern Fool’s Gold: Alpha in Recessions;” upcoming Journal of Financial Planning (with John Salter & Shaun Pfeiffer), “The Benefits of a Cash Reserve Strategy in Retirement Distribution Planning.”


Dr. Michael Finke, CFP®


Phone | 806-834-5081
Office | HS 234D

Classes Taught: Doctoral seminars in financial planning research, research methods, and household investment theory. Undergraduate and masters classes in risk management (3375) and investments (3376 and 5362).

Research Interests: Household investment and intertemporal choice, behavioral personal finance, agency costs of financial planning, retirement income planning, risk tolerance assessment, aggregate trends in household portfolio allocation.

Experience: PhD in finance from the University of Missouri and PhD in consumer science from the Ohio State University. Assistant/associate professor at University of Missouri from 1999 through 2006, associate professor at Texas Tech 2006-present. Obtained CFP® in 2006.

Awards: 2013 Investment Advisor IA25, 2012 Investment News Power 20, 2011 Academic Thought Leadership Award, Retirement Management Journal, 2010 Winner, iOMe National Retirement Challenge, Faculty Advisor 2010 Best Paper Award, Academy of Financial Services, 2008 Distinguished Research Award, College of Human Sciences, 2007 Teacher of the Year Award, Texas Tech Personal Financial Planning Association, 2006 Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education Outstanding Journal Article award, 2005 American Council on Consumer Interests CFP Board Financial Planning Research Award

Recent Publications: Finke, M.S. 2013. Financial advice: Does it make a difference? In O.S. Mitchell and K. Smetters, eds., The Market for Retirement Financial Advice. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.

Finke, M.S. and Huston, S.J. 2013. Time preference and the importance of saving for retirement. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 89, 23-34.

Finke, M.S., Pfau, W., and Blanchett, D. 2013. The 4 percent rule is not safe in a low-yield world, Journal of Financial Planning, forthcoming.

Finke, M.S. and Huston, S.J. 2013. Financial literacy and education. In H.K. Baker and V. Ricciardi, eds., Investor Behavior – The Psychology of Financial Planning and Investing.

John Wiley & Sons., Gibson, P.S. and Finke, M.S. 2013. Do mutual funds marketed to African American investors extract excess rent?, Journal of Index Investing, forthcoming.

Scott, J. and Finke, M.S. 2013. The demand for disability insurance, Financial Services Review, forthcoming.

Dean, L. and Finke, M.S. 2012. Compensation and client wealth among U.S. investment advisors, Financial Services Review, 21(2), 81-94.

Finke, M.S. and Langdon, T. 2012. The impact of the broker-dealer fiduciary standard on financial advice, Journal of Financial Planning, 25(7), 28-37.

Belasco, E., Finke, M.S. and Nanigian, D. 2012. The impact of passive investing on corporate valuations, Managerial Finance, 38(11), 1067-1084.


Dr. John Gilliam, CFP®, ChFC, CLU

Associate Professor

Phone | 806-834-8864
Office | HS 241

Classes Taught: Risk Management and Insurance Planning (PFP 3497/5497), Personal Finance, Personal and Professional applications for non-majors (PFP 5322), Seminar in Personal Financial Planning (PFP 5115)

Research Interest: Behavioral characteristics effecting couple’s financial risk tolerance, Assessment of Investment Risk Tolerance, Risk Tolerance and Asset Allocation, Investment Risk Tolerance and Mental Accounting, Behavioral Finance, Intra-cohort differences among Baby boomers, Insurance Demand and Behavior, Life Insurance Disclosure

Experience: John Gilliam, Ph.D., MBA, CFP®, ChFC, CLU is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Personal Financial Planning at Texas Tech University. His research and academic interest stem from 30 years experience as a financial and estate planner, manager and trainer in the financial services industry.

Leadership / Awards Texas Tech University: Texas Tech University TEACH Fellow (Teaching Effectiveness And Career enHancement) Student Managed Portfolio Scholarship & Award Graduate Consultant; Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) American Express Financial Planning Invitational Advisory Committee Who's Who in Finance and Industry 1992-1993

Recent Publications: Guillemette, M., Finke, M. & Gilliam, J. (2012). Which types of risk tolerance questions should be used when determining a client’s portfolio allocation preference? Journal of Financial Planning 26, 5: 34-42.

Chatterjee, S., Lauderdale, M., Gilliam, J., & Mason, J. (Accepted 2011). Employee benefits in the hospitality industry: Inhospitable for employees? The Journal of Regional and Sectoral Economic Studies, 11, (2),

Gilliam, J., Grable, J. & Hampton, V. L. (2011). The impact of decision power on financial risk tolerance and asset allocation. Journal of Business and Economic Research, 9, (5), 27-40.

Gilliam, J., & Chatterjee, S. (2011). The influence of birth order on financial risk tolerance. Journal of Business and Economic Research, 9, (4), 43-50.

Goetz, J., Gilliam, J. & Grable, J. (2011). Interobserver risk-tolerance agreement between husband and wives. Journal of Business and Economic Research, 9, (2), 17-25.

Gilliam, J. & Grable, J. (2010). Risk-tolerance estimation bias: Do married women and men differ? Journal of Consumer Education, 27, 45-58.

Gilliam, J., Chatterjee, S. & Grable, J. (2010). Measuring the perception of financial risk tolerance: A tale of two measures.  Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning 21, (2) 30-43.

Gilliam, J., Dass, M., Durband, D., & Hampton, V. L. (2010). The role of assertiveness in portfolio risk and financial risk tolerance among married couples. Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning 21(1), 53-67

Gilliam, J., Chatterjee, S. & Zhu, D. (2010). Determinants of risk aversion in the baby boomer cohort.  Journal of Business and Economic Research, 8(5), 79-87.

Chatterjee, S., & Gilliam, J. (2009). Taking stock of health: An examination of health insurance expenditures by employer categories. Journal of Business and Economic Research, 7, (4) 143-152.

Gilliam, J., Goetz, J. & Hampton, V. (2008). Spousal differences in financial risk tolerance. Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning, 19, (1) pp. 3-11.

Gilliam, J., & Bagwell, D. C. (2005). Baby boomers in retirement: Challenges and opportunities for financial planners and counselors. Journal of Personal Finance. vol. 4 (1) p. 57–65.

Gilliam, J., & Harness, N. (2005). Comprehensive Personal Financial Planning: A Theoretical Framework. Academy of Financial Services proceedings. Gilliam, J. (2004, September). Assessing risk is tough, but we need to do it. Investment Advisor, 28-30


Dr. A. William "Bill" Gustafson


Associate Professor

Phone | 806-834-7120
Office | HS 259




Classes Taught: PFP 1301, Cultural and Gender Issues in Personal Finance;

Research Interest: Retirement economics/policy; debt behavior relative to human capital acquisition

Experience: Teaching courses conducting research related to personal finance and family economics for 33 years; University of Alabama , 1974-78; Texas Tech, 1978-current

Leadership / Awards Texas Tech University: Academy for Financial Services Board of Directors; International Foundation for Retirement Education Board of Standards; Texas Tech President’s Excellence in Teaching Award; College of Human Sciences Helen Burleson Service Award; Department of Personal Financial Planning Visionary Award


Dr. Vickie Hampton, CFP®

Professor/PFP Department Chairperson

Phone | 806-834-1824
Office | HS 262A

Classes Taught: Personal Financial Planning for Professionals (PFP 2315 ), Introduction to Personal Finance (PFP 3301 Junior Honors Seminar), Academic Leadership in Financial Planning (PFP 6301), and Financial Planning Program Development Seminar (PFP 6395)

Research Interests: Career development and related issues in the financial planning profession, determinants of success on the CFP® Certification Examination, and financial planning guidelines and benchmarks for measuring financial well being of families

Experience: Hampton joined the Texas Tech faculty and the Center for Financial Responsibility in 1999. She received her M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Family and Consumption Economics at the University of Illinois - Urbana. Before coming to Texas Tech, Dr. Hampton taught and conducted research in personal financial planning at the University of Texas - Austin.

Leadership / Awards Texas Tech University: Currently, Hampton is Chairperson of the newly formed Department of Personal Financial Planning at TTU. Over the past fiften years, Vickie has been active on national boards serving on the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Board of Governors, the CFP Board of Examiners, the Board of Trustees for the American College, and the Academy of Financial Services Board. She chaired the 1999 CFP Board Job Analysis Committee and was on the steering committee for the AFS and CFP Board Model Financial Planning Curriculum Project. More recently Hampton served on the 2011 CFP Curriculum and Instruction Working Group.

Recent Publications: Salter, J., Hampton, V., Winchester, D., Katz, D., Evensky, H. Entry level financial planning practice analysis: Preparing students to hit the ground running. Financial Services Review, 20 (3), 195-216, 2011.

Gilliam, J., Grable, J., and Hampton, V. The impact of decision power on financial risk tolerance and asset allocation. Journal of Business and Economic Research, 9, (5), 27-40, 2011.

Goetz, J., Zhu, D.D., Hampton, V., and Salter, J. Integration of Professional Certification Examinations with the Financial Planning Curriculum: Increasing Efficiency, Motivation, and Professional Success. American Journal of Business Education, 4(3), 35-46, 2011.

Gilliam, J., Dass, M., Durband, D., and Hampton, V. The Role of Assertiveness in Portfolio Risk and Financial Risk Tolerance. Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning, 21(1), 53-67, 2010.


Dr. Sandra Huston

Associate Professor

Phone | 806-834-8395
Office | HS 234C

Classes Taught: Personal and Family Finance for non-majors (PFP 3301), Family Financial Counseling (PFP 2325), Family and Consumption Behavior (CEED 6376), Research Methods I (PFP 5378), Advanced Technology Applications in Personal Financial Planning (PFP 4380/PFP 5380).

Research Interest: Financial Education/Financial Literacy, Investment behavior using the Surveys of Consumer Finances and the National Longitudinal Surveys of Youth.

Experience: PhD in consumer economics from the University of Missouri-Columbia.  Assistant professor and state extension specialist at University of Missouri-Columbia from 2001 through 2006, currently an associate professor at Texas Tech University.

Leadership / Awards Texas Tech University: 2006 Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education outstanding journal article award.  2005 ACCI Certified Financial Planner® board financial planning research award.

Recent Publications: Huston, S. 2007. Comments on Using the Survey of Consumer Finances: Methodological Considerations and Issues, Journal of Consumer Affairs, 41 (2), 218-222. Finke, M.S., Sharpe, D.L. and Huston, S.J. 2006. Balance sheets of early boomers: Are they different from pre-boomers? Journal of Family and Economic Issues, 27(3), 542-561. Finke, M.S., Huston, S.J., Siman, E. and Corlija, M. 2005. Characteristics of Recent Adjustable-rate Mortgage Borrowers, Financial Counseling and Planning, 16(2), 17-28. Finke, M.S., and Huston, S.J. 2004. Risk and myopic financial decisions. Journal of Personal Finance, 3(3): 99-112. Finke, M.S., and Huston, S.J. 2003. The brighter side of financial risk: Financial risk tolerance and wealth. Journal of Family and Economic Issues, 24(3): 233-256.


Dr. Russell N. James III, J.D., CFP®


Phone | 806-834-5130
Office | HS 2478A

Classes Taught: Graduate courses in charitable planning

Research Interest: Charitable giving; Neuroeconomics; Financial satisfaction; Housing investment

Experience: Associate professor, Texas Tech University (2010-present). Assistant professor, University of Georgia (2006-2010). College president (with direct and supervisory fundraising responsibility) – Central Christian College (2000-2005). Director of planned giving – Central Christian College (1994-1999). Private law practice limited to estate & gift planning and nonprofit organizations law (1994-2000). University of Missouri, B.A., 1992, J.D., 1994; Ph.D., Consumer & Family Economics (dissertation on religious charitable giving), 2002.

Leadership / Awards Texas Tech University: Associate Editor - Journal of Consumer Affairs. 2009 Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award – University of Georgia College of Family & Consumer Sciences. 2009 ACCI CFP® board financial planning research award. Housing Education and Research Association’s 2008 Early Career Award. United Missouri Bank Award for Most Outstanding Work in Gift and Estate Taxation and Planning (law school). American Jurisprudence Award for Most Outstanding Work in Federal Income Tax Law (law school).

Recent Publications: James, R. N., III, & Jones, K. S. (2011). Tithing and religious charitable giving in America. Applied Economics, 43(19), 2441-2450; James, R. N., III. (in press).

Applying neuroscience to financial planning practice: A framework and review. Journal of Personal Finance.; James, R. N., III. (2011).

Cognitive skills in the charitable giving decisions of the elderly. Educational Gerontology, 37(7), 559-573.; James, R. N., III. (2011).

Charitable giving and cognitive ability. International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing, 16(1), 70-83.; James, R. N., III, Atiles, J. H., & Robb, C. A. (2011).

Homeownership plans among Hispanic renters: Ethnic differences or geographic differences? Housing and Society, 38(2), 205-223.; James, R. N., III, & Baker, C. (in press).

Targeting wealthy donors: The dichotomous relationship of housing wealth with current and bequest giving. International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing; Bruce, A. S., Bruce, J. M., Schurle, B. W., Zereyesus, J., & James, R. N. (2011).

Implications of neuroscience developments for teaching agricultural economics/agribusiness. NACTA Journal, 55(3), 49-53.



Dr. Charlene Kalenkoski

Associate Professor

Phone | 806-834-1211
Office | HS 242

Classes Taught: 5341 Economic Principles of Financial Decision Making, 5360 Economics of Retirement, 6305 Introduction to Ph.D. Studies in Personal Financial Planning, 6374 Household Economic Theory, 6377 Research Methods I

Research Interest: The Allocation of Time; Household Decision Making from an Economics Perspective; Education; Retirement

Experience: Ph.D. in Economics from The George Washington University; Assistant/Associate Professor at Ohio University 2002-2013; Associate Professor at Texas Tech University 2013-present

Recent Awards: Research Fellow, Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA), 2009-present

Recent Publications: “Does Generosity Beget Generosity? The Relationships between Transfer Receipt and Formal and Informal Volunteering,” Review of Economics of the Household, DOI: 10.1007/s11150-013-9209-6, July 2013.

“Minimum Wages and Teen Employment: A Spatial Panel Approach,” with Donald Lacombe, Papers in Regional Science, Vol. 92, No. 2, June 2013, pp. 243-444.

“Tobit or OLS? An Empirical Evaluation under Different Diary Window Lengths,” with Gigi Foster, Applied Economics, Vol. 45, No. 20, 2013, pp. 2994-3010.

“How Does Time Poverty Affect Behavior? A Look at Eating and Physical Activity,” with Karen Hamrick, Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy, Vol. 35, No. 1, March 2013, pp. 89-105.

“Time to Work or Time to Play: The Effect of Student Employment on Homework, Sleep, and Screen Time,” with Sabrina Pabilonia, Labour Economics, Vol. 19, No. 2, April 2012, pp. 211-221.

“Time Poverty Thresholds and Rates for the U.S. Population,” with Karen Hamrick and Margaret Andrews, Social Indicators Research, Vol. 104, No. 1, September 2011, pp. 129-155.

“Parental Transfers, Student Achievement, and the Labor Supply of College Students,” with Sabrina Pabilonia, Journal of Population Economics, Vol. 23, No. 2, March 2010, pp. 469-496.


Deena B. Katz, CFP®

Associate Professor

Phone | 806-834-5880
Office | HS 244

Classes Taught: Personal Financial Planning for Professionals (PFP 2315), Professional Practices in Personal Financial Planning (PFP 3398), Professional Field Experience (PFP 3210), Personal Financial Planning Capstone (PFP 4370), Professional Practices in Personal Financial Planning (PFP 5798), Introduction to Personal Financial Planning (PFP 5371) Sales, Marketing and Products (PFP5367), Business Practices and Entrepreneurship in PFP (5379), Internship in Personal Financial Planning (PFP 3399 and PFP5399.)

Research Interest: Experiential Learning, Attitudes and Expectations of Internship experiences, Behavioral Finance practice in a financial planning environment.

Experience: Deena B Katz CFP® is an Associate Professor in the Department of Personal Financial Planning at Texas Tech University. Her research and academic interest stem from over 35 years experience as a Wealth Manager and Business Consultant in the financial services industry.

Leadership / Awards Texas Tech University: Investment Advisor Magazine 25 Most Influential People in the Financial Planning Industry, May 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009; Investment Advisor Magazine, "Thirty for Thirty: Top 30 People who have Influenced the Industry in the Past Thirty Years, 2010; "The One Thing…" Financial Advisory Industry's Top Coaches, Consultants and Industry Insiders", 2005; Medical Economics 150 Best Financial Advisers for Doctors, 2001-2003; Accounting Today, Top Ten Names to Know in Financial Planning, 2001; Financial Planning Magazine's Most Influential People (1of 5) in the Planning Profession, 2001; Accounting Today Top Influential People, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003; Accounting Today Top 100 Most Influential People, 1998; Mutual Funds Magazine Top Planners Award, 2001-2002; Worth Magazine's Best Financial Advisers, 1996, 1997, 2001, 2002; Worth Magazine's Top 60 Financial Planners, 1994; AICPA- Planner's Award in Excellence, 1993; Adrian College Young Alumni Achievement Award,1993

Recent Publications: Deena Katz's Complete Guide to Practice Management, Bloomberg Press, 2011. Editor, Retirement Income Redesigned, Bloomberg, 2006. Editor, Investment Think Tank, Bloomberg, 2004. Deena Katz's Tools and Templates for Financial Advisers, Bloomberg, 2001. Deena Katz on Practice Management, Bloomberg Press, 1999.


Mitzi K. Lauderdale, J.D.

Associate Professor

Phone | 806-834-0529
Office | HS 242

Classes Taught:
Estate Planning (PFP 3378; PFP 5398)

Research Interest: Special Needs Planning, Planned Giving Strategies, Philanthropy, and Estate and Tax Planning Strategies.

Experience: Professor Lauderdale has been a member of the Texas Tech Faculty since 2004. While teaching in the Nutrition, Hospitality, and Retailing department, her focus was on the legal and financial aspects of the hospitality industry, both the graduate and undergraduate levels. Since joining the Department of Personal Financial Planning in 2008, Professor Lauderdale continues to focus on and further develop her areas of interest and specialization which are philanthropy and estate planning. Professor Lauderdale also serves as undergraduate coordinator for the program.

Leadership / Awards Texas Tech University: TTU Faculty Senator 2007-2010; TTU President’s Excellence in Teaching Award NHR Department Nominee, 2007; Legal Aid Society of Lubbock Board Member, since 2007

Recent Publications: James, R., III., Lauderdale, M., and Robb, C. (in press). The Growth of Charitable Estate Planning among Americans Nearing Retirement. Financial Services Review.  Lauderdale, M. and Thomas, J. (2009). Are You Gambling With Your Business? What you should know about the legal differences between gambling ashore and afloat. Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing, 26(4), 408-414. Yuan, J., Fowler, D., Goh, B., and Lauderdale, M. (in press). Mexican Cross-Border Shoppers’ Motivations to the United States. International Journal of Culture, Tourism, & Hospitality Research. Chan, H.K., Lauderdale, M., and Goh, B. (2007). Accessible Tourism in Taiwan: Attitudes and Perceptions of Lodging Personnel and People with Mobility Disabilities. HOSTEUR, 16 (1), 9-16.


Barry Mulholland, MBA, CFP®, ChFC®

Assistant Professor

Phone | 806-834-6373
Office | HS 249

Classes Taught: Retirement Planning (PFP 3374), Personal Financial Planning Capstone (PFP 4370), PFP Professional Technology (PFP 4380), Personal Financial Planning Capstone (PFP 5373), PFP Professional Technology (PFP 5380), Professional Field Experience (PFP 3210/5210)

Research Interest: Insurance Demand, Life Insurance Disclosure, Precautionary Savings, Risk Management, Financial Planning Technology

Experience: Assistant Professor, Texas Tech University (2012-present); Senior Lecturer (2002-2011), Co-Director of Wisconsin Financial Services Institute (2005-2009), Lecturer (1995-1996), University of Wisconsin Oshkosh; Financial Advisor & Register Representative, Principal Financial Group (1999-2004); General Manager/Partner, Central Resources, LLC (1996-1999); Sales Engineer, Johnson Controls, Inc. (1990-1993); Account Executive, Management Recruiters International (1989-1990); Team Production Manager, Procter & Gamble, Inc. (1985-1989); University of Miami, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, 1987; University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, MBA, 1995.

Leadership / Awards Texas Tech University: Texas Tech University – Helen Devitt Jones Endowed Fellowship, 2009-2012; University of Wisconsin Oshkosh – Edward M. Penson Distinguished Teaching Award, 2009


Dr. John Salter, CFP®, AIFA®

Associate Professor

Phone | 806-834-2143
Office | HS 243

Classes Taught: Retirement Planning (PFP 3374, 5394), Wealth Management II (PFP 3386), Introduction to Personal Financial Planning (PFP 1115), Professional Field Experience (PFP 3210/5210).

Research Interest: Dr. Salter is currently researching the role of reverse mortgages in retirement distribution management and cash management. His past research, which he still works on with colleagues, included the benefits of both retirement income planning and utilization of financial advisors. He has also worked with colleagues on research involving the transition of students into the financial planning profession.

Experience: Dr. Salter has been on the Texas Tech faculty since 2006. During this time he has taught numerous courses in the program and has been heavily involved in the administration of the program. Dr. Salter also serves as a wealth manager for Evensky & Katz Wealth Management in their Lubbock office. He is a Certified Financial Planner® Practitioner and an Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst®. Dr. Salter received his PhD in Consumer Economics with a specialization in Personal Financial Planning from our own Personal Financial Planning program, and has also earned an MS in Personal Financial Planning, MBA, and BS in Chemical Engineering.

Leadership / Awards Texas Tech University: Dr. Salter served as director of the Personal Financial Planning program prior to the Department's transition to a department and currently as the director of undergraduate CFP Board-Registered programs. He has been recognized for his teaching and service multiple times in his career at Texas Tech. Dr. Salter also served as president and chairman of the Financial Planning Association's West Texas chapter.

Recent Publications: Pfeiffer, Salter, & Evensky, The Benefits of a Cash Reserve Strategy in Retirement Distribution Planning.  Journal of Financial Planning (2013).

Salter, Pfeiffer, & Evensky, Standby Reverse Mortgages: A Risk Management Tool for Retirement Distributions. Journal of Financial Planning (2012).

Salter, Hampton, Winchester, Katz & Evensky. Entry level financial planning practice analysis: Preparing students to hit the ground running, Financial Services Review. (2011)

Salter, Harness, & Chatterjee, Value of financial advisors to retirees, Journal of Financial Services Professionals (2011).

Chatterjee, Salter, & Harness, Financial confidence among retirees: The role of financial advice and planning duration, Economics Bulletin (2011).

Salter, Harness & Chatterjee, How retirees pay for current and future long-term care expenses, Journal of Financial Services Professionals (2011).

Salter, Harness, & Chatterjee, Utilization of financial advisors by affluent retirees, Financial Services Review (2010)


Eric Sawyer, MS, CFP®

Director of Planning

Phone | 806-834-3742
Office | HS 254

Classes Taught: Fundamentals of Personal Financial Planning (PFP 5371), Practicum in Personal Financial Planning (PFP 4377/5390)

Experience: Eric Sawyer, CFP® is Director of Planning in the Department of Personal Financial Planning at Texas Tech University. A practitioner for over 10 years and former board member with the Dallas/Ft. Worth Financial Planning Association, Eric provides PFP students opportunities to partner with financial service firms and gain practical experience in financial planning while still attending Texas Tech.




Dawn Abbott

Assistant Director
Personal Finance

Phone | 806-834-7716
Office | HS 249

Cynthia Cantu

Administrative Business Assistant
Center for Financial Responsibility

Phone | 806-834-6405
Office | HS 257B

Amy Jones

Coordinator for Outreach and External Relations

Phone | 806-834-5245
Office | HS 257A

Rebecca Velez

Business Manager

Phone | 806-834-8405
Office | HS 262B