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Personal Financial Planning

Interdisciplinary Studies

Students desiring a plan of study in Personal Finance as part of the Interdisciplinary Studies program are required to take the following courses:

5322. Personal Finance: Professional and Personal Applications (3). Survey course in personal financial planning for nonmajors who want to use this information in their personal and professional lives. F, S, SS, Distance and on campus.

5362. Asset Management I (3). Prerequisite: PFP major. Investment management concepts in a personal financial planning context; client goals, expectations, and risk tolerance; capital markets; investment alternatives; security valuation; risk assessment; and portfolio management concepts. F, SS.

5394. Retirement Planning (3). Prerequisites: PFP 5362 with a grade of C or higher and Prerequisite or corequisite: PFP 5322 with a grade of C or higher. Consent of PFP Graduate Advisor. Advanced studies in retirement planning covering retirement plans in the corporate setting, personal retirement planning, and retirement income strategies. F, SS.

5497. Risk Management and Insurance Planning (4). Prerequisite or corequisite: PFP 5322. Explores risk management theory, personal risk analysis, and financial loss prevention with private insurance. F, S.