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Personal Financial Planning

Undergraduate Scholarships

The Department of Personal Financial Planning (PFP), in conjunction with the College of Human Sciences, offers a variety of undergraduate scholarships of different amounts. In order for a student to receive a scholarship from PFP, it is the College of Human Sciences requirement that the student completes an undergraduate scholarship application via the university’s scholarship websites and provides additional documentation (see application check list).

How to Apply

For undergraduate applicants, you will be prompted to different options, click on the appropriate application:

You will also see a heading entitled, “Other Scholarships” where students can apply for private or third party scholarships, special scholarships, merit based scholarships, college and departmental scholarships.



In addition to your application, you must have on file at TTU:

Undergraduate Students


Once the General Scholarship Application is completed by the required deadline, the recipients are selected by the PFP Department scholarship committee. While evaluation is based on the criteria set for the specific award, most awards subsume: scholarship, excellence, achievement in academic and non-academic areas, leadership, character, seriousness of purpose and/or need. Failure to provide promptly all information requested could result in disqualification of the application. Check your TTU email account for notification of scholarship awards.

For more detailed criteria for each of the above listed scholarships, contact PFP at (806) 834-8405 or email Rebecca Velez at (