Student Media Committee


The Student Media Committee is responsible for advising the vice president for student affairs on matters relating to student media.


Appointments will be made by the vice president for student affairs from nominations received through standard procedures. Terms for faculty and staff members are three years, one year for students. Committee members may be reappointed.

Operating Procedures:

The committee will develop its own operating procedures subject to approval by the vice president for student affairs. Copies of any minutes or reports are to be provided to the vice president for student affairs, to the Faculty Senate, and to the University Library. The chairperson may be invited to visit the Faculty Senate to inform the Senate of the activities of the committee during the year.


The committee will elect its chairperson annually from the faculty members who are in their final year of service.


See below membership code.

Name College/Department Membership Code Term Began Term Ends
Cantore, Jean Ann Texas Techsan – Editor
Clark, Melanie University Libraries 1 2012 2015
Dolter, Gerald College of Visual and Performing Arts
2014 2017
Gonzales, Patrick Student Media Alumni Representative
Grafton, Thomas Student Member
2014 2015
Hager, JD Student Member 2 2014 2015
Mercer, Jack Student Member 2 2014 2015
Meyers, Courtney College of Agriculture 1 2012 2015
Ortiz, Rebecca College of Media and Communication 1 2013 2016
Patrick, Will Student Member
2014 2015
Peterson, Susan Student Media
Skeete, Cade Student Member 2 2014 2015
Trainer, Marshall Student Member 2 2014 2015
Whitfield, Lynn University Libraries 1 2014 2017


  1. Six (6) faculty members, only one from the College of Media and Communication.
  2. Six (6) student members, none of whom shall be paid staff members of The Daily Toreador , La Ventana or Freshman Directory or elected officers or members of the Student Government Association.
  3. Director of Student Media, ex-officio, nonvoting
  4. Representative from Student Media alumni with professional publications experience, ex-officio, nonvoting
  5. Representative from campus publications, ex-officio, nonvoting