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TSI Off Campus Testing Voucher Request


Please note: Testing through our remote system is intended for students who plan to attend Texas Tech University. If you are not planning to attend Texas Tech University, you will need to contact the school you will be attending to find out about their remote process.

If you live more than 100 miles away from the Texas Tech campus in Lubbock, TX and plan to attend Texas Tech University, you can request off-campus TSI testing. If approved, you will receive a remote voucher assigned to the closest approved testing site in your area. It is your responsibility to pay any proctoring fees associated with testing at that site.

Please submit requests at least two weeks in advance of your desired test date and allow up to 5 business days (1week) for us to process your remote voucher.

Be sure to request your voucher at LEAST three weeks prior to your Red Raider Orientation date. Many institutions have limited seating, therefore arrangements must be made to test prior to your orientation.

Read through this entire page before completing the request form.

1)  Complete the Request for an Off-Campus TSI Testing Voucher (located below).

2)  Receive an email from testing@ttu.edu confirming your off-campus TSI testing request and instructions to take the TSI Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA).

3)  PLEASE NOTE: We will select the closest testing site to your location based on the zip code you provide on the request form below. Sometimes the closest location to you may be up to 100 miles from your home address. You can enter a name for the location you prefer. We  will do our best to set your voucher for that location as long as they are listed as a "remote" testing site.

4)  Once you've completed the TSI (PAA), call the phone number in the email referenced above to pay the $30 NON-REFUNDABLE registration fee for Texas Tech. We accept debit and credit. You are also responsible for paying any fees assessed at the selected testing site.

5)  When voucher is completed and approved, you'll receive another email within 5 business days from Accuplacer. This is your Remote Voucher

6)  Read the entire Remote Voucher and follow the ACCUPLACER/TSI Remote Test Site Instructions to schedule an appointment to test within 90 days of the issue date.

7)  Take your voucher and a valid photo I.D. to your testing site on the date of your test.

8)  We will be notified by email upon completion of your test.

9)  Please Note: The remote testing site may not print your score for you and we cannot release scores through email or by phone.

10) We will report your scores to our TSI Office within 3 business days.

Important Notes:

  • Any assessed fees are non-refundable.
  • If you do not receive an email from Accuplacer regarding your remote testing request within 5 business days from the date you submitted the request, please check your spam or junk folder. Adding these two email addresses to your contacts list will ensure proper delivery.
  • Remote vouchers are only valid for 90 days. In the event of an expired voucher, you must complete a new form and additional fees may apply.

If your answer to the question below is "NO," you'll need to contact the school you'll be attending for their TSI information.


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