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Texas Tech University Department of Academic Testing Services and its staff assume no responsibility for loss, damage or stolen personal items brought into the testing center.  Many personal belongings such as electronics, sunglasses, caps, etc. are prohibited in the testing rooms.  You are encouraged to leave those items at home or in your car.  However, if you choose, you may leave personal items in the ATS backpack bins at your own risk.  Items cannot be left in the ATS lobby.


Optional Classroom Make-up Exam service:

  • All makeup exams must be pre-approved by the instructor. Academic Testing Services does not have the authority to approve a makeup exam.
  • Academic Testing Services can provide test proctoring for students who miss a classroom exam due to a university excused absence. No scoring or item analysis is available with this service. All transportation of test materials will be the responsibility of the instructor.
  • Academic Testing Services cannot provide accommodations for entire classes due to limited space and personnel. This is a make-up exam service not an alternative testing service. In this context, groups larger than 10 need to be handled by the instructor.
  • Academic Testing Services cannot provide the make-up exam service during the summer months due to orientation.
  • Make-up exams will be regularly scheduled Monday-Thursday between 9AM and 3PM. (Fridays are NOT available for make-up exams.) Limited space and staff cannot accommodate drop-ins. It will be the student's responsibility to schedule their exam time with Academic Testing Services. Students can schedule an exam time be calling 806-742-3671 ext. 0 during office hours, M-F, 8:00am - 5:00pm. 
  • Instructors will be responsible for filling out a “Request Form” located below. This form will not be accepted if filled out by the student. The request form will contain test administration instructions and include student's name, course, time limits, any authorized aids, deadlines for completion, and any other pertinent information deemed appropriate by the instructor.
  • Instructors are encouraged to personally deliver the exams to Academic Testing Services in Rm. 214 West Hall. However, delivery from an individual authorized by the instructor or campus mail will be accepted.
  • Photo ID and a signature will be required prior to releasing any exam to the instructor or authorized individual picking-up testing materials. Students will not be allowed to drop-off, pick-up, or remove testing materials from Academic Testing Services.
  • All students testing in Academic Testing Services will be required to present a photo ID prior to testing.
  • Academic Testing Services will not copy exams. If instructors have several individuals needing the same exam, multiple exams and a roster of names must be included in a securely sealed envelope with the request form of instructions.
  • Academic Testing Services will not house an exam for more than two weeks. Instructors who do not want to pick up unused exams may indicate on the request form that they want exams destroyed at the end of the two week period. Instructors may resubmit exams if they deem appropriate.
  • Instructors are encouraged to mark “copyright” on their exams.
  • Instructors are encouraged to create a “new” version of their exam for make-up purposes.
  • Make-up exams are not given during finals.

NOTE: This form is to be filled out by the Professor/Instructor/Teaching Assistant ONLY.


Academic Testing Services

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