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The Institute of Genomics for Crop Abiotic Stress Tolerance (IGCAST) Phytotron is located south of the Biology building on the beautiful Texas Tech University campus in Lubbock.

The IGCAST Phytotron was built in 2019 as part of a larger effort to increase quality research capabilities in the State of Texas. Funding was provided by the State of Texas Governor's University Research Initiative (GURI) and matching funds provided by Texas Tech University. Its principal function is to provide work space for researchers studying biotechnology techniques to generate knowledge and tools necessary to optimize crop production in terms of yield and quality under adverse environmental conditions. Clients include Texas Tech faculty as well as local businesses. Need to make a reservation?

The Phytotron consists of three greenhouses with a total of 2,340 ft2 of growing space and five Conviron© growth chambers. Each greenhouse and growth chamber is climate controlled with Argus Controls Titan 900v© with a wide range of climate settings.

Each greenhouse is equipped with Heliospectra© ELIXIA light fixtures controlled by the helioCORETM control system. Lighting strategies are fully customizable for four wavelengths: red, blue, far-red and white. See the video below showcasing the Heliospectra© ELIXIA light fixtures.

Four of the Complex growth chambers are walk-in style chambers with multiple growing configurations. Each unit has up to 72 ft2 of growing space with up to 73.5 in growing height. Also available is a reach-in growth chamber with up to 57 ft2 of growing space and maximum growing height of 59 ¾ in. See the video below for information about some of the features of our walk-in growth chambers.

MTPS Series Plant Growth Room with Flex Option






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