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9.0. Department Policies

The following are department policies of particular importance to graduate students.

9.1. Advisory Committee

An advisory committee chair should be selected during the student's first semester in the graduate program. The student and committee chair will jointly select other members of the advisory committee. Advisory committees for M.S. and MAB students must have a minimum of three faculty members, at least two of whom must be graduate faculty members in the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics. Advisory committees for Ph.D. students must have at least four faculty members, one of whom must be from outside the department.

9.2. Degree Plan

M.S. and MAB students should file a degree plan by the end of the first semester of graduate study. Ph.D. students should file a degree plan before beginning the second year of coursework. The student and committee chair should work out a tentative plan, which will be discussed and approved by the full advisory committee. Degree plans must be approved and signed by the department Graduate Advisor.

9.3. Research Topic

Students working on M.S.-thesis and Ph.D. degrees should begin discussions on possible research topics with their committee chair and other commit¬tee members during the first semester in their program.

9.4. Thesis and Dissertation Proposals

Each M.S.-thesis or Ph.D. candidate will develop a formal written thesis or dissertation proposal. The proposal should include a title, a statement of the problem and rationale for the proposed research, a statement of objectives, hypotheses to be tested, a review of the literature, and a detailed description of the design, data analysis, and procedures of the study. Proposals must also include a conceptual framework that applies relevant economic theory to an analysis of the research problem.

After your committee chair approves your draft proposal, you need to distribute copies to the other members of your advisory committee. You should allow at least two weeks for the committee to read and evaluate the proposal prior to your proposal defense.

9.5. Proposal Defense

Under the direction of your committee chair, you should prepare an oral presentation of your thesis or dissertation research proposal. This presentation is expected to be formal and scholarly. Your presentation should include a clear rationale for the proposed research, a concise statement of objectives, hypotheses, and a detailed description of the design and methods of the proposed study.

You should be prepared to defend your proposal during a question-and-answer period following the oral presentation. When the questioning has concluded, the committee will determine whether you have satisfactorily completed the defense/exam. They will also decide what modifications, if any, should be made to the proposal before proceeding with the research. All committee recommendations at the proposal stage should be appropriately reflected in the final thesis or dissertation submitted in preparation for the Final Examination.

9.6. Preparation of Thesis or Dissertation

In preparing even the earliest draft of the thesis or dissertation, you should follow style conventions currently accepted by the department and Graduate School.

9.7. Final Requirements for Graduation

Students who are within nine months of completing their graduate degree programs are advised to consult the Graduate School Web site, and personnel in the Graduate School for information on graduation requirements and deadlines. Students are responsible for meeting all of these requirements and deadlines.

9.8. Offices and Computers

Graduate student office space is assigned by the department Graduate Advisor. All funded students are provided office space. Other M.S. and Ph.D. students are assigned office space if available. Office space should be used or it may be reassigned.

The department has computer facilities which are available to all graduate students. Students with office spaces are often furnished with a computer. Students should use these computers for academic purposes only. Any relocation of departmental computers will be done by the department's computer support staff at the request of the Graduate Advisor.

9.9. Copying and Office Supplies

Office supplies are available to faculty and staff. They are available to graduate students only by special request from their graduate advisors and for use only on department business, not for the student's course or personal use.

The department copy machines are restricted to staff and faculty use. Graduate students gain access to the copy machines only when approved by the student's committee chair or work supervisor. The copy machines are intended to support research and teaching activities and are not intended for copying course work material or books

9.10. Vacations

Part-time research and teaching appointments do not carry provisions for vacation or sick leave. Absences from campus must be approved by your committee chair or work supervisor. If a requested absence conflicts with departmental needs it may be denied

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