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Texas Telehealth Outreach Clinic For Autism

The Burkhart Center was recently awarded a grant from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) that will allow for the creation of the Texas Telehealth Outreach Clinic for Autism (TTOCA) to bring several of the services we currently provided in our clinic to the entire state of Texas. 

Services provided through our Texas Telehealth Outreach Clinic for Autism (TTOCA)

Telehealth Services

Families requiring additional treatment or training may qualify for Telehealth Services through our Mobile Outreach Clinic. Telehealth utilizes computers, mobile devices, and video to connect clients to our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and clinic staff at the Burkhart Center for Autism Education and Research in Lubbock, TX, in order to receive additional training and treatment. The convenience of this service will help families that have no specialist in their area or limited availability to travel due to work.

Parent-Implemented Interventions 

Parent-implemented intervention (PII) focuses on intervention for children with autism in which parents are responsible for carrying out some or all of the intervention(s) with their own child. After initial assessment from our MOCA team, if PII is determined to be a need, parents will be trained by professionals one-on-one or in group formats in-home and/or community settings. Methods for training parents will vary from Behavior Skills Training (this includes modeling, coaching, or performance feedback) to working with parent's individual needs based on discussion and data collected during training. Parents may be trained to implement various interventions based on the needs of their child. This may include, but is not limited to, communication, play, pre-vocational, such as self-help, and skills to decrease problem behavior. Once parents are trained and intervention has begun, determination for follow up services will be made with each family. 

Group Trainings

Group Trainings will be provided to rural areas who do not have access to high-quality training for families and caregivers. partnerships with Education Service Centers throughout West Texas will allow for opportunities to partner with local school districts to provide full-day training to families and caregivers that will address basic behavioral needs that are sometimes seen among individuals with autism. 

Areas We Serve

The THECB grant currently allows the TTOCA to provide services to ALL areas of Texas. For additional information about ESC regions, visit the Texas Education Agency (TEA) website here.


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Services will begin May 2020


Would you like the Mobile Outreach Clinic to visit your community?

If you reside in a rural area of West Texas and feel your community or a member of your community may benefit from our services, please click here to see if the Mobile Clinic would be a service you are interested in. 


Data collected as part of the intake and assessment components of the services provided to you and your child will provide information to possibly be used for research purposes. If you choose not to include your information as part of the research component of our project, you can still receive services through our clinic but we will exclude your information from statistical analysis and retroactive records review. For more information about your data and how it will be used, contact mobile.burkhartclinic.educ@ttu.edu