Texas Tech University

Student Organization's Room Reservations

Reserving Rooms in Academic Buildings


  • Reservations are made ONLINE are made on a first-come, first-served basis. Detailed instructions are provided online.
  • Reservations are processed in the order received. Please allow at least 1 to 2 business days for receipt of a confirmation. Some reservations may require additional processing time.
  • Academic programs have priority, so student groups may be assigned a substitute room for one evening when academic instructors need a particular room for an examination, seminar, etc.
  • Academic buildings are not available for use by student groups on weekends.
  • If you have any questions, please visit Events & Instructional Space Management, Physical Plant Building, 3122 Main St, or call 742-2102.


  • Student groups are expected to leave classrooms as they find them. Any group leaving a room in poor condition will be charged a minimum $25 fee for extra custodial service.
  • Student groups should conduct activities quietly since academic classes may be nearby. Complaints from instructors may result in the cancellation of a reservation.
  • Students are to leave academic buildings by 10 p.m. Exceptions must by approved in advance by Academic Support and Facilities Resources.
  • Students must present a student identification card if requested by a university official.
  • Students should report any unusual occurrences to University Police, 742-3931.


  • Disruptive behavior may result in a group being escorted from the building, canceling of the reservation, and/or other disciplinary action.

Using Rooms in the Student Union


  • Registered student organizations can reserve rooms in the Student Union including the Allen Theatre for free by contacting the Student Union & Activities Office Office, 742-3636. Please note there are labor costs associated with reserving the Allen Theatre and the EscondidoTheatre.
  • Organizations can have up to three room reservations on the books at any one time. Additional reservations must be approved by the Student Union & Activities Director or Assistant Director of Operations. As soon as any one reservation has been utilized, the organization can schedule another reservation.
  • The Student Union & Activities Office reserves the right to assign the most appropriate room to an organization for their specific needs.


  • If the room will not be used, the organization must notify the Student Union Reservations Office to cancel the reservations.
  • All cancellations made within a period of less than 48 hours of the event will be required to pay a $15 fee for student organizations that would normally rent the room for free. The period is extended to 96 hours for the Ballroom, Matador Room and Allen Theatre.


  • Organizations can only reserve free use rooms for their own use; they cannot represent any off-campus group or university department unless the organization is a direct affiliate of the department or organizations, or the sponsorship furthers the purpose of the organization.
  • Outside groups are not allowed to be sponsored in the Student Union for financial gain. A financial liability form must be completed by the sponsoring group at the time of the reservation. This form should make clear the relationship between the organization and the outside group.
  • Rooms should be left in reasonable condition. Failure to adhere to these rules can result in the loss of free room use.


  • If an admission will be charged for an event or donations will be collected during room use, the student organization must have a solicitation form completed, turned in and approved through Center for Campus Life.
  • Any room usage during hours when the Student Union is normally closed must be approved by the Student Union Sr. Associate Director and will include a charge of $50.00 per hour or partial hour.
  • Arrangements for food can be made through Top Tier Catering. Groups are not allowed to bring food into the Student Union because of the Student Union's agreement with University Caterers.
  • Bills must be paid to the Student Union within 30 days after the event or the organization will not be able to reserve space in the building.

For complete guidelines, refer to the Student Handbook, Part VII, Use of University Space, Facilities, and Amplification Equipment.