Texas Tech University

Virtual Resources

Student Involvement has compiled a list of resources for our student organizations to help them operate virtually. If you have any questions about this list or know of more resources for organizations, please contact studentorgs@ttu.edu.

Zoom Virtual Meetings

Zoom is free for students, and it offers a professional interface for students to meet virtually and discuss any organizational matters. For the free package, you get unlimited 1 on 1 meetings and can have a group meeting of up to 100 participants.

Visit https://zoom.us/ to create an account, and visit the Zoom COVID-19 Resource Page for more information.

Here is a quick tutorial video for operating Zoom: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozJS9bvdVp8&feature=youtu.be


Virtual Elections

Organization's TechConnect Page > Elections

TechConnect has a feature that allows student organizations to host elections online. To use this feature, go the organization's TechConnect Page > Manage Organization > Elections.

Once you are on the Elections page, click the blue 'Create Election' button and it will give instructions on how to set a date and time and ballots for the election. This establishes a secure election process that student organizations can use for virtual elections.

Training Video


Document Sharing

Organization's TechConnect Page > Documents

TechConnect has a feature that allows student organizations to upload files, sort by folders, and choose who can see them. Use this resource if you need to share documents with any members or officers. You cannot work on them together through this resource.

Google Drive

Google Drive is another platform student organizations can use if you need officers to work on a document together. 


Photo Sharing

Organization's TechConnect Page > Gallery

TechConnect also has a feature that allows student organizations to share photos. To visit, go to the organization's TechConnect Page > Manage Organization > Gallery.

Once on this page, you may create an album to upload images from events or other activities hosted by the organization. This serves as a hub for all organization photos in case any were needed for social media or promotional items.