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Masked Rider Program Honorary Masked Riders

The Masked Rider is a symbol of the pride and spirit of Texas Tech University. In 2004, the Masked Rider Committee proudly began a new tradition of honoring those associated with the Masked Rider program. The status of Honorary Masked Rider is only awarded to those select few who have impacted the history and future of the Masked Rider program in extraordinary ways. Honorary Masked Riders are an elite membership as are the true Masked Riders. The Honorary Masked Rider award is the highest accolade given by the Masked Rider Committee.

Honorary Masked Riders

Alvin Davis
Masked Rider Committee member for 21 years
Honored: 2004

George Tate
Unofficial first rider - 1936 known as "Ghost Rider"
Honored: 2004

Arch Lamb
Founder of Saddle Tramps and envisioned Masked Rider tradition
Honored: 2004

Gary Lawrence
Helped establish the Masked Rider Program Endowment fund
Honored: 2004

Dr. Sam Jackson
Associate Professor in Animal Sciences, Advisor to Masked Rider Program
Honored: 2007

How are Honorary Masked Riders selected?

Honorary Masked Rider nominations must be considered and voted on by the Masked Rider Advisory Committee. All Honorary Masked Rider proposals must be submitted to the chair of the Masked Rider Committee no later than April 1st each year. Only former Masked Riders and committee members can submit proposals. Nominations are reviewed and discussed during the April Masked Rider Advisory committee meeting. The committee members will review the proposals, and a vote is taken by the committee membership during the May committee meeting. A 3/4 majority is needed by the complete committee membership (not only those present) to award an Honorary Masked Rider title. Only full Masked Rider Advisory Committee members will vote for the Honorary Masked Rider selection. Ex officio members (as noted on the committee roster) will not vote. Although multiple representatives from the Center for Campus Life are on the committee, the Center for Campus Life only receives one vote during this process. Individuals and organizations may be nominated for this honor. If a nominee is not selected during one calendar year, they can be considered again in another calendar year if renominated. No person or organization may be named an Honorary Masked Rider more than one time. Nominations may be made posthumously. Committee will not necessarily select an Honorary Masked Rider for recognition every year. Honorary Masked Rider nominations are confidential. Only those selected for the recognition are publicized.

When and How is an Honorary Masked Rider recognized?

Honorary Masked Riders are recognized at one home football game each year during pre-game or halftime. A special presentation is made similar to the Transfer of Reins presentation to incoming riders. For individuals, each honorary Masked Rider receives a collectable gift including the traditional cape and mask. For organizations, the gift is presented to an entity representing the organization. The honorary Masked Riders are also listed on a special plaque in the Masked Rider Room of the Student Union. Special recognition is also given by media outlets i.e. the Texas Tech Alumni Association Magazine and the Daily Toreador Newspaper.

Guidelines for Nominations & Consideration:

  • Any group or individual who has made significant contributions to the Masked Rider program over a period of five or more years.
  • Nominees must represent the ideals and values of the Masked Rider program.
  • Nominees should have made an impact on the program in one or more of the following ways: securing the programs existence in the future, increasing the recognition and prestige of the program, and/or impacting the structure/status of the program in positive ways.
  • Former Masked Riders are not eligible for this recognition.

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