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Spirit Alumni Board


The Spirit Alumni Board shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Spirit Program for matters affecting the Spirit Alumni. The board shall be responsible for making recommendations to the Spirit Program Director regarding programs, services, advisement, policies, and/or procedures that impact the engagement and connection of Spirit Alumni.


The mission of the board is to support the Texas Tech Spirit Program as well as build and grow relationships with Spirit Alumni members.

Operating Procedures:

Meetings will be held electronically (Zoom) at least three times a calendar year, including a summer meeting, homecoming (early fall) meeting, and winter/spring meeting. Additional meetings may be called for if business needs to happen related to an event or project. 

Copies of all minutes and reports will be provided to all committee members. Subcommittees, as appropriate, can be utilized to assist the Board.

The Spirit Program Director serves as a non-voting, resource person for the committee and assists in coordination of meetings, soliciting agenda items, establishing an agenda, and coordinating minutes from each meeting.


The Spirit Program Director will appoint members each August. Members may serve multiple terms. A member must be a Texas Tech graduate serving at least two years on at least one Texas Tech Spirit Squads during their time at Texas Tech. 

Current head coaches, and possible assistant coaches, will serve as members on the board. 


A committee chairperson is appointed by the Alumni Board every two years. Chairpersons can serve multiple terms.


2022-2024 Spirit Alumni Board 

Co-Chairs: Danielle McEnery & Kacie Chappell

Homecoming Committee: Shannon Miller, Angie Labaj, Ginger Kiser
Fundraising Committee: John Harrington, Carolyn Lang
Connections Committee: Carolyn Lang, Layci Shannon, Sarah Currie, Casey Fuller


025 Student Union | Box 45014
Lubbock, TX 79409

P 806.742.5433 | F 806.742.0138

ttucheeralumni@gmail.com | ttupomalumni@gmail.com 

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Spirit Alumni Board Member Nominations

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Spirit Alumni Board Members

Stephanie Rhode, Spirit Program Director

Bruce Bills, Cheer & Mascot Head Coach; CoEd Cheer '03-'06

Erin Alvarado, Pom Squad Head Coach

Paxton Barber, All-Girl Cheer '16-'20

Kerri Broome, CoEd Cheer '00-'02

Kacie Chappell, CoEd Cheer '01-'04
Alumni Board Co-Chair

Sarah Currie, CoEd Cheer '05-'08

Casey Fuller, CoEd Cheer '04-'07

John Harrington, CoEd Cheer '92-'93

Ginger Kiser, Pom Squad '97-'02

Angie Labaj, CoEd Cheer '90-'93; Cheer Coach '00-'03

Carolyn Godwin Lang, Pom Squad '93-'95

Joni Layman, Pom Squad '76-'79

David Lyons, CoEd Cheer '13-'15, Asst. Coach

Danielle McEnery, CoEd Cheer '02-'06
Alumni Board Co-Chair

Shannon Miller, CoEd Cheer '97-'00

Jen Richards, Pom Squad '98-'02

Jessica Rinker, CoEd Cheer '09-'11, All-Girl '12-'13

Rachel Seldon, Pom Squad '05-'09

Layci Shannon, Pom Squad '05-'09

Gabriel Vasquez, CoEd Cheer '07-'12

Kyndra Watson, CoEd Cheer '03-'06, Asst. Coach


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