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FAQ: Pom Squad Auditions

Question: Do you offer scholarships for all squad members?*

Answer: Yes, each squad member meeting requirements will receive a leadership scholarship. This scholarship is awarded in two payments, one each long semester. Requirements include, but are not limited to meeting GPA standards, being enrolled as full time student, and attending games, practices, and appearances.

Question: Where are Auditions Held?

Answer: Auditions are held in the United Supermarkets Arena (USA) on the Tech Campus. The USA is off of 19th Street and Indiana Ave/Tech Parkway. map

Question: Who can Audition for Tech Pom?

Answer: Any current Texas Tech student meeting tryout requirements is eligible to audition. Incoming first-year and transfer students are welcome to audition as well, as long as they have been admitted to TTU. Graduate students are welcome to audition as long as they are enrolled in at least 9 credit course hours.

Students who are accepted into the Summer Gateway Program are allowed to audition, but will not be able to fully participate until Summer Gateway Program requirements have been met and they are enrolled at TTU.

Question: About how many people tryout each year?

Answer: Typically, between 60 and 70 candidates audition.

Question: Are Audition sessions open to the Public?

Answer: No. Audition sessions are closed to all the general public. Participants will check in each day of auditions. The only portion of the auditions open to the public is the optional open practice held the Friday evening before auditions.

Question: What type of Dance Squad and How Many are on Squad?

Answer: Texas Tech has one dance squad. The squad performs several styles depending on event. Styles can range from hip hop, jazz, pom, and contemporary lyrical. All of our squad members are technically trained in all genres. Number of squad members varies depending on audition scores & squad needs.

Question: Is there a Height and Weight Requirement?

Answer: No. We do not have a certain weight and/or height requirement for squad members. We do ask that all members maintain the appropriate physique, and are able to participate in all activities throughout the entire year.

Question: Who Coaches the Pom Squad?

Answer: Erin Alvarado is in her eighth year as Tech Pom Coach. Stephanie Rhode is the Spirit Program Director.

Question: What are Practices like and schedule?

Answer: Practices are held three days a week for approximately 2-3 hours throughout the Fall. During the Spring semester additional practices are scheduled to prepare for College Nationals. In addition to these scheduled practices, the squad works out with their trainer three times per week. They also practice one weekend in June, a week in July, and a week prior to school beginning in August. Holiday breaks can be shortened depending on practice schedule. Practice schedules vary and are determined by the Pom Squad Coach.

Due to schedule conflicts, Pom Squad members are not allowed to participate in Greek Recruitment activities.

Question: What are additional benefits for being a Texas Tech Pom Squad member?

Answer: In addition to the scholarship awarded, all uniform and accessories are paid for by the University. We also provide academic tutoring services as well as a partial on-campus meal plan is also available to squad members. See Benefits >>

Pom Squad members maybe asked to fundraise for additional items needed throughout the year.

Question: What department is the Spirit Program under?

Answer: The Tech Spirit Program is a part of the Center for Campus Life a division of Student Affairs.


2020 Audition Dates

Monday, March 30:

  • Qualifying Videos Due & Video Application Closes

Wednesday, April 1:

  • Qualifying Video Results Sent

Friday, April 24:

  • Audition Application Closes (video bypass/returning members)

Saturday, May 2:

  • Live Auditions, Invites Only

  • Interview & Semi-Final Round 

Sunday, May 3:

  • Live Auditions, Invites Only
  • Final Round & Call-Backs 

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Pom Squad Benefits

  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • Uniform & Accessories Paid
  • Academic Tutoring
  • Meal Plan
  • National Competition
  • Athletic Trainer & Team Doctor
  • Strength & Conditioning Program
  • Dance for a Big 12 Conference School
  • Supportive Alumni
  • Tanning & Skin Care Sponsor
  • More Benefits >>

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