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Youth Dance Clinic

Back by popular demand, the Texas Tech Pom Squad will host their second Youth Dance Clinic on November 19th. Dancers will have the option to learn at their speed and their level while meeting and working with current Texas Tech Pom Squad members.  Due to the space and type of clinic this is, registration will be limited! 

Youth Camp

Texas Tech Pom Squad Youth Clinic:

Date: November 19, 2023

Time: 9:00AM-11:30AM 

Location: United Supermarkets Arena 

Registration Fee: $60 

Level: We will offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced groupings. 

Age: Current 1st Grade-8th Grade 

What to Expect: Depending on the level, the dancers will be taken through a fun warm-up, learn some of our game-day traditions, take a short technique class, and finish with a dance routine taught at the level they were registered. Dancers will get to interact with and dance with current Texas Tech Pom Squad Members. 

Payment: Payment can be made via the link at the bottom of the page OR in cash in person.  We do not accept personal checks. 

Level Designation (for reference):

Beginner Level Dancer: Still early on in their dance training-- approximately 0-2 years of training. Learning how to use direction changes and where their bodies are in space. Working on basic leaps, single pirouettes, and general weight shifts. This level will be taught at a slower speed. 

Intermediate Level Dancer: Approximatley 3-4 years of dance training. Learning how to add on to their foundational level of understanding. Working on double or triple pirouettes, turning leaps, basic floorwork, and moves at a slightly uptempo speed. This level will be taught at a moderate speed. 

Advanced Level Dancer:Approximately (not absolute) 5+ years of dance training.  Learning how to elevate their dance style and technical capabilities.  Working on quad+ pirouettes, switching leaps, intricate floorwork, and are able to move at an uptempo speed. This level will be taught at a faster speed. 


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