Texas Tech University

Spanish Faculty

Dr. Brendan Regan

Assistant Professor of Spanish


  • Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin, 2017
  • M.A., Temple University
  • B.A., University of Richmond




Dr. Brendan Regan - CV



Areas of Research

  • Sociolinguistics

  • Sociophonetics

  • Phonetics & Phonology

  • Language Attitudes & Language Ideologies

  • Bilingualism

  • SLA & Study Abroad

  • Dialects/Languages in Contact

  • Variational Pragmatics​

Courses commonly taught


  • SPAN 5388: Spanish Phonetics & Phonology 
  • SPAN 5389: Spanish Quantitative Sociolinguistics 
  • SPAN 5390: Language Ideologies 
  • SPAN 5391: Spanish Sociophonetics
  • PORT 5342: Intensive Portuguese II for Spanish Speakers


  • SPAN 3308: How the Spanish Language Works: A Course in Hispanic Linguistics 
  • SPAN 3318: The Sounds of Spanish
  • SPAN 4318: Spanish in the United States 
  • SPAN 4343: Advanced Language Skills (Sevilla study abroad program)
  • SPAN 4346: Spanish Life and Culture (Sevilla study abroad program) 

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Archer, C., & Regan, B. (Forthcoming). An analysis of the yeísmo merger in Córdoba, Argentina: A synchronic coexistence of all diachronic processes of lleísmo to yeísmo sound change. University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics, Volume 28(2).  

Regan, B. (2022). Guadaloop or Guadalupe?: Place-name variation and place identity in Austin, Texas. American Speech. Advanced Publication.  

Regan, B. (2022). Individual differences in the acquisition of language-specific and dialect-specific allophones of intervocalic /d/ by L2 and heritage Spanish speakers studying abroad in Sevilla. Studies in Second Language Acquisition. FirstView.  

Regan, B. (2022). La percepción social del seseo sevillano y sus implicaciones para la norma sevillana. Lingüística en la Red, Núm. XIX, 1-27. 

Regan, B. (2022). The social meaning of a merger: The evaluation of an Andalusian Spanish consonant merger (ceceo). Language in Society, 51(3), 481-510.   

Regan, B. (2021). Analyzing Andalusian coronal fricative norms (ceceo, seseo, and distinción) using a sociophonetic Demerger Index. In M. Díaz-Campos (Ed.), The Routledge Handbook of Variationist Approaches to Spanish, 137-158. Routledge.  

Regan, B. (2021). Differing effects of speaker and listener characteristics on the perception of two traditional Andalusian features undergoing dialect leveling. In Luis A. Ortiz-López & Eva-María Suárez-Büdenbender (Eds.), Topics in Spanish Linguistic Perceptions, pp. 95-116. Routledge.

Regan, B. (2020). Intra-regional differences in the social perception of allophonic variation: The evaluation of [tʃ] and [ʃ] in Huelva and Lepe (Western Andalucía). Journal of Linguistic Geography 8(2) 82-101.  

Regan, B. (2020). Extending Pillai scores to fricative mergers: Advancing a gradient analysis of a split-in-progress in Andalusian Spanish. University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics 26(2): Article 13.  

Regan, B. (2020). El [ʃ]oquero: /tʃ/ variation in Huelva capital and surrounding towns. Estudios de Fonética Experimental XXIX: 55-90. 

Regan, B. (2020). The split of a fricative merger due to dialect contact and societal changes: A sociophonetic study on Andalusian Spanish read-speech. Language Variation and Change 32(2): 159-190. 

Regan, B. (2019). Dialectology meets Sociophonetics: The social evaluation of ceceo and distinción in Lepe, Spain. In Whitney Chappell (Ed.), Recent Advances in the Study of Spanish Sociophonetic Perception [IHLL 21], pp. 85-121. John Benjamins.

Regan, B. (2017). A linguistic analysis of Quechua borrowings in Matto de Turner's Aves sin nido: National ideology seen through linguistic incorporation. Hispanic Studies Review 2(2): 224-253.

Regan, B. (2017). A study of ceceo variation in Western Andalucía (Huelva). Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics 10(1): 19-60.

Regan, B. (2016). Prosody-pragmatics interface in the pragmaticalization of ¡Hombre! as a discourse marker. In Inquiries in Hispanic Linguistics: From theory to empirical evidence [IHLL 12], Cuza, Alejandro, Lori Czerwionka, and Daniel Olson (Eds.), pp. 211-239. Philadelphia: John Benjamins.


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