Texas Tech University

Spanish Faculty

Dr. Brendan Regan

Assistant Professor of Spanish


  • Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin, 2017
  • M.A., Temple University
  • B.A., University of Richmond




Dr. Brendan Regan - CV



Areas of Research

  • Sociolinguistics

  • Sociophonetics

  • Phonetics & Phonology

  • Language Attitudes & Language Ideologies

  • Bilingualism

  • SLA & Study Abroad

  • Dialects/Languages in Contact

  • Variational Pragmatics​

Courses commonly taught


  • SPAN 5388: Spanish Phonetics & Phonology 
  • SPAN 5389: Spanish Quantitative Sociolinguistics 
  • SPAN 5390: Language Ideologies 
  • SPAN 5391: Spanish Sociophonetics
  • PORT 5342: Intensive Portuguese II for Spanish Speakers


  • SPAN 3308: How the Spanish Language Works: A Course in Hispanic Linguistics 
  • SPAN 4318: Spanish in the United States 
  • SPAN 4343: Advanced Language Skills (Sevilla study abroad program)
  • SPAN 4346: Spanish Life and Culture (Sevilla study abroad program) 

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Regan, B. (Accepted). Guadaloop or Guadalupe?: Place-name variation and place identity in Austin, Texas. American Speech

Regan, B. (Forthcoming). Individual differences in the acquisition of language-specific and dialect-specific allophones of intervocalic /d/ by L2 and heritage Spanish speakers studying abroad in Sevilla. Studies in Second Language Acquisition.

Regan, B. (2021). Analyzing Andalusian coronal fricative norms (ceceo, seseo, and distinción) using a sociophonetic Demerger Index. In Manuel Díaz-Campos (Ed.), The Routledge Handbook of Variationist Approaches to Spanish. Routledge.

Regan, B. (2021). The social meaning of a merger: The evaluation of an Andalusian Spanish consonant merger (ceceo). Language in Society. FirstView.

Regan, B. (2021). Differing effects of speaker and listener characteristics on the perception of two traditional Andalusian features undergoing dialect leveling. In Luis A. Ortiz-López & Eva-María Suárez-Büdenbender (Eds.), Topics in Spanish Linguistic Perceptions, pp. 95-116. Routledge.

Regan, B. (2020). Intra-regional differences in the social perception of allophonic variation: The evaluation of [tʃ] and [ʃ] in Huelva and Lepe (Western Andalucía). Journal of Linguistic Geography 8(2) 82-101.  

Regan, B. (2020). Extending Pillai scores to fricative mergers: Advancing a gradient analysis of a split-in-progress in Andalusian Spanish. University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics 26(2): Article 13.  

Regan, B. (2020). El [ʃ]oquero: /tʃ/ variation in Huelva capital and surrounding towns. Estudios de Fonética Experimental XXIX: 55-90. 

Regan, B. (2020). The split of a fricative merger due to dialect contact and societal changes: A sociophonetic study on Andalusian Spanish read-speech. Language Variation and Change 32(2): 159-190. 

Regan, B. (2019). Dialectology meets Sociophonetics: The social evaluation of ceceo and distinción in Lepe, Spain. In Whitney Chappell (Ed.), Recent Advances in the Study of Spanish Sociophonetic Perception [IHLL 21], pp. 85-121. John Benjamins.

Regan, B. (2017). A linguistic analysis of Quechua borrowings in Matto de Turner's Aves sin nido: National ideology seen through linguistic incorporation. Hispanic Studies Review 2(2): 224-253.

Regan, B. (2017). A study of ceceo variation in Western Andalucía (Huelva). Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics 10(1): 19-60.

Regan, B. (2016). Prosody-pragmatics interface in the pragmaticalization of ¡Hombre! as a discourse marker. In Inquiries in Hispanic Linguistics: From theory to empirical evidence [IHLL 12], Cuza, Alejandro, Lori Czerwionka, and Daniel Olson (Eds.), pp. 211-239. Philadelphia: John Benjamins.


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