Texas Tech University

Campus Security Authorities

The Clery Act identifies certain categories of students, University employees and contractors as Campus Security Authorities (CSAs) who have federally mandated responsibilities to report Clery Act crimes that are reported to them.

The intent of including non‐law enforcement personnel in the role of CSA is to acknowledge that some community members and students in particular may be hesitant about reporting crime to the police, but may be more inclined to report incidents to other campus‐affiliated individuals.

The law defines the following four categories of CSAs:

  1. A campus police department or a campus security department of an institution.
  2. Any individual or individuals who have responsibility for campus security but who do not constitute a campus police department or a campus security department (e.g., an individual who is responsible for monitoring the entrance into institutional property).
  3. Any individual or organization specified in an institution's statement of campus security policy as an individual or organization to which students and employees should report criminal offenses.
  4. An official of an institution who has significant responsibility for student and campus activities. To determine which individuals are CSAs, consider job functions that involve relationships with students. 

CSA Requirements

Reporting Options

The victim of a crime has the option to:

Regardless of their option, you MUST file a report.


Texas Tech Clery Compliance