Texas Tech University

Clery Committee

Texas Tech University created a Clery Committee to oversee and assist with Clery compliance. Compliance efforts extend beyond the police department and includes various departments across campus. The committee is an effective tool in garnering institutional awareness of the Clery Act requirements. The committee will help with gathering and compiling necessary information throughout the year as it relates to crime statistics and the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report (ASFR). This committee will cover topics including, but not limited to, identifying and training Campus Security Authorities, identifying and maintaining Clery geography, ASFR preparation and review including policy statements and updates, distribution of the ASFR, and compliance with the Drug-Fee Schools and Community Act as well as the Violence Against Women Act. The committee will review initial and ongoing training as it relates to the Clery Act and their specific area of concentration.

The committee is comprised of individuals from the following offices:

  • Human Resources
  • Athletics
  • Communications & Marketing
  • University Student Housing
  • Dean of Students
  • Office of Student Conduct
  • Enrollment Management
  • Student Health Services
  • Texas Tech Police Department
  • Student Counseling Center
  • International Affairs
  • Office of Emergency Management
  • Office of General Counsel
  • Auxiliary Services
  • Campus Access & Engagement
  • Office of Student Rights and Resolution – Title IX
  • Administration & Finance
  • Operations Division
  • Office of the Provost
  • Center for Campus Life
  • Risk Intervention and Safety Education
  • Texas Tech School of Law
  • Texas Tech Fire Marshal




Texas Tech Clery Compliance