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TTU Campus Incident Reporting Forms

There are times when calling the police is not necessary or you chose to not involve law enforcement. Texas Tech has several online reporting forms that can assist with a variety of needs. None of these forms will generate an immediate police response.

Campus Security Authority Incident Reporting Form (Clery Reporting Form)

Texas Tech encourages reporting and the accurate collection of campus crime statistics to promote crime awareness and to enhance campus safety through reliable statistical records. The purpose of this report form is to provide a uniform procedure for documenting the (What, When, Where) of certain reportable crimes and/or non-criminal hate motivated incidents that have occurred within one of the four reporting locations and which have been reported to a Campus Security Authority (CSA) other than the Texas Tech Police Department. Data collected on this form is used to increase public safety, not to identify the victim; therefore, no personal identifying information shall be included on this form.  All cooperating victims who do not wish to remain anonymous should be directed to the Texas Tech Police Department or the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction where the crime occurred.

Title IX/ Sexual Misconduct Report

This form should be used to report concerns pertaining to possible violations of Texas Tech University Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault, Sexual Misconduct and Title IX policy such as gender based discrimination, dating violence, domestic violence, hostile environment, sexual assault, nonconsensual sexual contact, sexual exploitation, sexual harassment, stalking, retaliation, or other forms of sexual misconduct.

Students of Concern Report

Students of Concern is a central place for the Texas Tech University community to report student behaviors of concern for early intervention, risk assessment and referrals to help promote student success while paying special attention to the safety and security needs of members of the University community.

Hazing Incident Report

This report is used to submit incidents of hazing. Hazing is defined in the student handbook as intentional, knowing, or reckless act directed against a student by one person acting alone or by more than one person occurring on or off University premises for the purpose of pledging or associating with, being initiated into, affiliating with, holding office in, seeking and/or maintaining membership in any organization whose membership consists of primarily students.

Student Conduct Violation Report

This report is used to report an alleged violation of the TTU student handbook. 

Student Organization Misconduct Report

This online form is for reports of student organization misconduct such as hazing, alcohol violations, social event planning risks, and sexual misconduct.


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