Texas Tech University

M.S. in Computer Science Curriculum & Courses

Required Coursework

All students are required to earn the following credit:

  • 6 (six) credit hours of theory-based coursework. Students will pick TWO (2) classes from:
      • CS 5381 - Analysis of Algorithms (AOA)
      • CS 5383 - Theory of Automata (TOA)
      • CS 5384 - Logic for Computer Scientists (LCS)
  •  6 (six) credit hours of systems-based coursework. Students will pick TWO (2) classes from: 
      • CS 5352 - Advanced Operating Systems Design (AOS)
      • CS 5375 - Computer Systems Organization & Architecture (COA)
      • CS 5368 - Intelligent Systems
  •  1 (one) credit hour of graduate seminar. 
      • CS 5120 - Graduate Seminar
        • Students are required to enroll in this course during their first semester in the program.

In addition to the above requirements, students will be required to earn elective credit.

Students may complete coursework from other departments at the discretion of the student's graduate advisor and/or thesis advisor (if applicable). 

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Students can review concepts found in the above courses, by searching for them in the TTU Course Catalog. 

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Thesis−Based Plan

In addition to the above requirements, students following the thesis-plan, must:

  • Take at least 6 (six) credit hours of CS 6000 - Master's Thesis.
  • Take 12−hours of Computer Science elective courses. 
  • Complete and defend a master's thesis successfully.
  • This option can only be selected with approval from Computer Science faculty. 

Please see the degree plan and Court Catalog for additional information. 

Non-Thesis Plan

In the non−thesis plan, the student may choose from the project/report− or exam−based options.

The project option is application−oriented and includes the development of a software system. In the report option, a theoretical investigation is performed, such as proof of concept, algorithm development and/or analysis, a study to gather and analyze data, and logic proofs.

Both are documented by a report.

In the project/report−based options, students are required to:

  • Earn 21 (twenty-one) credit hours (7 classes) of Computer Science electives.
  • Earn at least 3 (three) credit hours of CS 6001 - Master's Project or CS 6002 - Master's Report, respectively.
  • Complete an oral examination at the completion of the project or report.
  • This option can only be selected with approval from Computer Science faculty. 

The exam−based option requires passing a written comprehensive examination. In the exam−based option, students are required to:

  • Earn 24 (twenty-four) credit hours (or, 8 classes) of computer science electives.
  • Pass a written, comprehensive examination near the end of his/her studies.

Students following the non-thesis plan may also opt to complete an internship CS 5000 - Practicum, or complete an Industry Career Certificate (ICC) to satisfy their comprehensive evaluation requirements. 

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