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Core Course Rotation Schedule

Beginning with the fall 2013 semester, the schedule for courses in the M.S.C.S. program will consist of a minimum of four courses in each semester. However, the Department of Computer Science will only offer two core courses in each semester — as shown in the table below. This will be a continuous rotation with a three-semester cycle until further notice.

For example, core courses offered in Spring 2015 will be the same as those offered in Fall 2013 and so on.

Fall 2013

Spring 2014

Fall 2014

All M.S.C.S. students are required to use this schedule when planning for graduation and the courses to take in each semester.

The Department of Computer Science is currently working on a scheduling policy for core courses to be offered for the M.S.S.E. program. The M.S.S.E. schedule will be announced in the future and advanced notice will be given.


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