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ETD Accounts


ETD Links

Create/Access ETD Account: https://ttu-etd.tdl.org/
View/Browse: http://thinktech.lib.ttu.edu/

Create an ETD Account

Once you have prepared your Review Copy PDF document in accordance with the Graduate School formatting guidelines, create an ETD account and upload the document to the ETD web site.


  1. Go to the ETD https://ttu-etd.tdl.org/.
  2. Login with your eRaider ID and password.

Verify & Upload

You will be directed through the following steps:

  1. On the first screen, you verify your personal information.
  2. On the second screen, read and check the license information.
  3. On the third screen, add your document and committee information.

    For "Release Options"
    • If you are going to allow your document to have worldwide release right off, leave the check box blank and click "Save and Continue"
    • For the fourth screen, browse and upload your PDF file. If you have supplementary files (charts, maps, programs) you may upload them at this time. Click "Save and Continue"
    • On the last screen, verify your information and your file upload. If everything is correct, you can click the "Submit" button. Once the submit button is clicked, you will not be able to replace your document until it has been reviewed.

Correct & Re-Upload

  • When the document has been reviewed, you will receive an email notification. When you go back into your account, you will have the option to "Replace" your file.
  • Download, from the link in the Activity Log, the marked-up version of your file.
  • Correct your original document, create a new PDF and replace the PDF on your account with the corrected PDF (the old one will be "archived").
  • Add a confirmation message (the box for this will appear once your account is in "Needs Correction" status).


When your corrections have been approved, your document status will either be "Published" (immediately available in the repository) or will be "Held" (if you've selected an embargo period). When the embargo period has elapsed, the document will be "Published".

ETDs for MMA and DMA Students

MMA and DMA students must create ETD accounts and upload pdf versions of their programs. More info . . .

ETDs for Interdisciplinary Studies Portfolios

Interdisciplinary Studies students must create ETD accounts and upload pdf versions of their portfolios. More info . . .

More Information . . .

If you have questions about ETD submission please email us at etd.gradschool@ttu.edu