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Completing your Degree?

We are here to help and have multiple resources that will help you complete your degree. All graduate students are expected to be familiar with the University Catalog. Please refer to the catalog for information pertaining to degree policies & procedures. For information on important deadlines and commencement, please review the Graduation Deadlines page. If any additional information is needed, please contact the liaison of your college.

College Liaison

Vanessa Bara


T 806.834.3423 | vanessa.e.bara@ttu.edu

Alyssa Reichert

Lead Evaluator

T 806.834.2714 | alyssa.reichert@ttu.edu

  • College of Engineering
  • College of Human Sciences

April Camacho

Lead Evaluator

T 806.834.0623 | april.camacho@ttu.edu

  • College of Education
  • College of Media & Communication

Victor Rey

Senior Evaluator

T 806.834.2912 | virey@ttu.edu

  • College of Arts & Sciences

Andrea Cooper

Senior Evaluator

T 806.834.7206 | andrcoop@ttu.edu

  • College of Architecture
  • College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources
  • College of Visual & Performing Arts

Jake Quintanilla

Senior Evaluator

T 806.834.3704 | jake.a.quintanilla@ttu.edu

  • College of Business Administration
  • Interdisciplinary Studies Program

Thesis & Dissertation

Allison Belisle

Dissertation and Thesis Coordinator

T 806.834.5163 | allison.belisle@ttu.edu

Fallon Chiasson

Senior Editor

T 806.834.4806 | fallon.t.chiasson@ttu.edu