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Computer Science Academy


In April of 2012, The Texas Tech Computer Science External Advisory Board (EAB) established the Computer Science Academy. The Computer Science Academy is an honor society for Texas Tech computer science alumni and friends of the Department of Computer Science. Alumni are nominated to recognize their career accomplishments, community involvement, contributions to the computer science discipline, and ethics. In April 2013, the first group of alumni were inducted into the academy.


The purpose of the academy goes well beyond just he recognition of alumni. Some common ways for academy members to participate include:

  • Help host networking events to let alumni know what is happening in the Department of Computer Science and the Whitacre College of Engineering and for Texas Tech University to maintain contact with alumni.
  • Be a source for nominations to serve on the Computer Science External Advisory Board or the Whitacre College of Engineering Dean's Council.
  • Provide help to the Texas Tech development officers to broker introductions to corporate representatives for giving and partnerships.
  • Help computer science students find internships and permanent employment.


Name Texas Tech Graduation Year(s)
John S. Adams  
Matt Barry, Ph.D.  
Darrell Bateman 1984
Brad R. Buice 1993
Chris Burchett 1990
Ben A. Calloni, Ph.D. 1992
Dennis J. Carroll, Ph.D. 1987
Simon Cheng 1988, 1990
Edward M. Corwin, Ph.D. 1992, 1995
Thomas A. Harper, Ph.D. 1988
Lonnie D. Haynes 1974
Todd Knowlton 1991
Antonette M. Logar, Ph.D. 1992
John Mihm 1964
Trenton C. Minyard 1986
David Pace 1984
Vir V. Phoha, Ph.D. 1990
Giridhar Rao, Ph.D. 1987
Chad Smith 2001
Marilyn M. Weiner 1981
Peter W. Wenzel 1990


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