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Accelerated Bachelor's and Master's Programs

Accelerated Program for Computer Science B.S./M.S. in 5 Years

This program is intended for our undergraduates who wish to stay on for a Master's degree. Students take 9 hours of graduate courses counting as undergraduate electives, and then follow that with the remaining graduate coursework the next year. Students tend to complete all hours in 5 years. It is available as thesis (148 hours) or non-thesis (154 hours) for both the M.S. in Computer Science and the M.S. in Software and Security Engineering.


The department has two combined B.S./M.S. programs that will allow qualified students to obtain a Master of Science in either Computer Science (M.S.C.S.) or Software and Security Engineering (M.S.S.S.E) through a shortened period of study beyond the bachelor's degree. Application for these programs is needed during the student's third year on undergraduate study. Students please contact your undergraduate advisor if you have interest in the combined B.S./M.S. programs or to see if you qualify.

Students enrolled in the program follow the standard undergraduate computer science curriculum for course work through the first three years. In the final undergraduate year, the student begins taking graduate coursework towards the selected graduate degree. These courses include three graduate courses, which are counted for both the undergraduate and graduate degrees, in place of three undergraduate electives. At this time the student receives the Computer Science B.S. degree. Students will need to complete the rest of Master's degree requirements either through a thesis or a non-thesis option to receive the Computer Science M.S. degree.

By choosing the combined B.S./M.S. program, students desiring a Master's degree can complete both degrees while taking nine fewer hours in less time than if the student had completed the full Bachelor's degree before starting the Master's program.

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