Texas Tech University


Linguistics is a growing and visible program in the Department of English. This has been especially true since the department organized the 2005 conference of the Linguistic Association of the Southwest. In addition to linguistics faculty in English, other professors offer courses in a wide variety of departments and colleges at Texas Tech University and Texas Tech University Health Sciences. As a consequence, students choosing to study in linguistics in the Department of English have opportunities in theoretical linguistics, as well as cognition/psycholinguistics, anthropological linguistics, phonetics/acoustics, second language acquisition and teaching, and English as a second language.

At the graduate level of study, students may apply to the M.A. or Ph.D. program in the Department of English, where we offer concentrations in linguistics at both levels. Students may instead choose to earn a graduate certificate in Linguistics by taking four graduate courses. Generally speaking, Linguistics course offerings at the graduate level may complement a variety of majors, including teacher certification.

Within the Department of English, linguistics faculty have expertise in a variety of areas, including phonology, syntax, morphology, sociolinguistics (especially American English dialects), linguistics and literature, and the history of English. Different faculty members work on a variety of languages, including American English, Old and Middle English, Korean, and Japanese. Because the study of language and linguistics is a multi-disciplinary field, faculty with interests in these areas come from the English Department, as well as many other departments and colleges across campus.