Texas Tech University


Health & Wellness

To strove for a fun, meaningful, and safe experience where members look out for each other and hold themselves to a higher standard. 

Be each others keeper Advocate for yourself & others Protect each other/peace
Mental health awareness Being okay with hard conversations Promoting healthy coping mechanisms
Know your organizations policies Challenge harmful traditions/mindsets Prioritize safety while having fun
Safe does not equal boring or lame We can have fun without alcohol Respect each others decisions to avoid alcohol, drugs, etc.


To create brotherhoods and sisterhoods that are a home for everyone to be their authentic self and foster relationships across organizations.

Seek out opportunities for collaboration Social events Intentionally learn about each other
Mutual respect Look past the stereotypes Embrace differences
Values based membership selection Recognize individual worth Build confidence
Nurture strengths Model healthy relationships  

Personal Growth

To develop well-rounded, ethical, and responsible leaders for successful membership and a global workforce.

Invest in skill building and development Accountability

Effective communication/communicate across differences

Self-awareness Willingness to learn and grow

Reflecting/Learning from mistakes

Relying again/resilience through challenges Strive for excellence

Intentional decision making

Build confidence Nurture strengths


Civic Engagement 

To be civic minded partners to the Lubbock area community, through acts of service and philanthropy. 

Be active in the community Build a community of care for those around us Be a good neighbor
Exercise your civic duty Being knowledgeable about the TTU & local community Share your story/know how much impact you make
Duty to learn/be educated on worldly matters