Texas Tech University

Organization Contact

Emailing Chapters

To protect the privacy of our organization officers, we do not provide direct contact information for any of our student leaders. If you would like to communicate with the community online or via email, please send a 3-4 sentence blurb about the event, promotion or opportunity to fsl@ttu.edu or the appropriate council advisor.

If the messaging is relevant and space permits the opportunity will be shared in bi-weekly or monthly meetings, weekly emails, or on our social media accounts.

Greek Circle Solicitation

Some of our fraternities and sororities maintain facilities on Greek Circle (15th & Indiana). Handing our flyers and solicitation is prohibited without the approval of the Fraternity & Sorority Life Staff. If you would like to distribute fliers to our chapters, please provide the appropriate number of copies (one per chapter) to the Center for Campus Life 3 weeks prior to distribution.

We do not communicate with chapters or offer announcements at meetings from May 1st- September 1st.

Organization Search

If you are looking for specific contact information for an organization, you may search for them here.