Texas Tech University

Human Biometeorology & Climatology


The Human Biometeorology and Bioclimatology Research team consists of scientists from the Atmospheric Science Group and the Climate Science Center. Ongoing research in Biometeorology involves research with Applied Synoptic Classification systems, urban climate instrumentation capabilities, heat stress and human health, environmental epidemiology, high-time urban heat island observations, portable and mobile air pollution monitoring, and heat and air pollution stressors to children and athletes. Climate related studies include infectious disease transmission by mosquitoes in Texas, human preparedness and adaptation to climate varibility, and projected heat and air pollution in growing cities.


Dr. Jennifer Vanos, Human biometeorology, applied synoptic climatology, extreme heat and air pollution

Research Facilities

The group works on campus within the Atmospheric Science Group, the Climate Science Center, and in the GIS Spatial Statistics laboratory. Instrumentation work with our high-end Campbell Scientific weather station and Aeroqual air pollution sensors occurs at the Reese Technology Center in shared space with the National Wind Institute.

Related Graduate Course

ATMO 5302: (3:3:0) Weather, Climate, and Applications