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Texas Tech Alumnus founds Root Juices, a company that produces farm-to-table fresh juices.

By Melissa J. Frazier, College of Human Sciences Marketing and Communications

Brent Rodgers' journey towards a career he was passionate about led him to open his own business, Roots Juices.

Alumnus Brent Rodgers has had a juicy journey since graduating with his master's degree in Personal Financial Planning in 2003 and his bachelor's degree in Restaurant, Hotel, and Institutional Management in 2002. He found himself unsatisfied with his successful career as a stock broker with a top Fortune 500 company and decided to alter his journey in search of a new passion. His financial prowess, understanding of the hospitality industry, love for travel, and entrepreneur spirit let him to what he considers his greatest accomplishment--starting his own company and seeing it thrive.

Rodger's journey first took him to Peru where he discovered fresh, exotic blends of local produce. He continued his travels to experience new cultures through their culinary specialties.

He explains, "I discovered a lot of things traveling around the world, but the one that struck me the most was the sense of community I felt while swapping stories over a cup of a pulpy concoction."

These experiences led him to found his company Roots Juices. Roots Juices produces farm-to-table fresh juices. Rodgers describes the Root Juices philosophy.

"All of our juices are pressed fresh every day of the week. Each of our juices has nearly three pounds of fruits and vegetables, filling your body full of the vital nutrients and vitamins that it is lacking. Pressed juices have 50 times as much nutrients as a juice you get fresh from the local market. The nutrients in these juices have miraculous effects on overall health and the shelf life is five to seven days."

Texas Tech Alum Brent Rodgers Roots Juices

Roots Juices delivers locally to Dallas, Atlanta, and Little Rock. They offer complimentary shipping to all of Texas, Georgia, Arkansas, and Alabama. Nationwide shipping is also available.

Rodgers enjoys interacting with his customers and educating them on healthy choices. He has traveled to more than 50 countries in the last five years and uses traveling as an opportunity to learn more.

"I always locate the juice bars and go visit them to learn more about new products in different cultures and sometimes bring them back and integrate them into my retail stores."

Rogers encourages others to travel and learn from meeting new people.

"Travel far and travel often and soak up many different cultures. Experiencing other cultures will spawn new ideas and give you an appreciation for all you work for. Soak up all you can from your education and spend time with those in the University that are from far away places. You will be amazed by what you can learn from meeting new people."

Texas Tech Alum Brent Rodgers Roots Juices