Texas Tech University

Aubrie Isaacs Alumni Profile

Aubrie Isaacs FCS alumna texas tech2016 Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) alumna Aubrie Isaacs currently teaches FCS at Vega High School. Her career path is one she says fulfills her desire to help others obtain a healthy lifestyle. Aubrie sought out Texas Tech University as an undergraduate student for the teaching certification option through the well-known Family and Consumer Sciences program.

"Knowing that I was taking part in a highly reputable program gave me a sense of peace and confidence that I was going to be very well prepared for my future career and achieve my passions."

In her current role, Aubrie teaches high school students many life skills encompassing fashion design, lifetime nutrition and wellness, finance, interior design, and child development. The range of topics in her class come with their unique set of challenges, but Aubrie stresses that these lessons bring skills that students can carry with them the rest of their lives.

"I enjoy the challenges and joys that come with this job because the knowledge my students gain from these courses are skills they can carry with them throughout their lifetime no matter what career path they embark. Plus, as a teacher, it is extremely rewarding to not only see your students grow academically but also personally."

Looking back on her undergraduate experiences in the College of Human Sciences, Aubrie is certain that her coursework provided essential skills to set her up for success as a teacher. Having highly knowledgeable professors and resources such as the Curriculum Center for Family and Consumer Sciences Library are things that Aubrie is confident helped her succeed.

"I decided to pursue this program because one of their many foundations/goals is to give students the opportunity to engage in skills that they will use daily for the rest of their lives and improve their quality of life."

The most important lesson that Aubrie learned in her studies is one she says continues to impact her every day as a teacher. She has learned that it is essential to possess a heart of servitude, compassion, and perseverance.

Aubrie highly encourages current students to consider a career as a family and consumer sciences teacher, especially when the job market offers great versatility in job opportunities.

"Teaching young adults an enormous amount of life skills is like a recipe; you have to provide the best ingredients or resources for your students to use, then the students need to know how to implement those resources correctly in life. I hope my students will find joy in experiencing a savory and sweet bite of their life recipe."