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Community, Family, and Addiction Sciences

Minor in Addictive Disorders and Recovery Studies

Addictive Disorders and Recovery Studies Undergraduate Minor

The Addictive Disorders and Recovery Studies (ADRS) Program, in conjunction with the Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities and the College of Arts and Sciences, offers an interdisciplinary minor. The ADRS minor is designed for students with professional, academic, or personal interest in addictive disorders. It provides students with an understanding of the physiological, psychological, societal, and familial factors contributing to addiction and the recovery from addiction. 

The Interdisciplinary Minor in Addictive Disorders and Recovery Studies provides students with a practical foundation for working with individuals as they pursue recovery or for pursuing career as a Chemical Dependency Counselor. Students pursuing the Counseling and Addiction Recovery Sciences (CARS) undergraduate degree are required to take many of the ADRS courses as part of their degree plan. ADRS courses are also available to all students across campus that are interested in addiction. 

The 18 hours of coursework is listed below in the order usually completed.

First Class:

ADRS 2310 (Understanding Alcohol, Drugs, and Addictive Behaviors)

Second Class:

ADRS 3325 (Family Dynamics of Addiction and Recovery)

Choose One Class:

ADRS 3327 (Substance Abuse Prevention)

ADRS 3329 (Addiction, Recovery, and Relationships)

PSY 4325 (Drugs, Alcohol, and Behavior)

Choose One Class:

SOC 3383 (Alcohol, Drugs, and Society)

CRIM 4325 (Criminology Theory)

SOC 4327 (Juvenile Delinquency)

ADRS 4329 (Eating Disorders)

SOC 4381 (Sickness, Health, and Society)


ADRS 4324 (Assessment and Testing in Addiction Recovery)

Last Class:

ADRS 4325 (Treatment of Addictive Disorders)