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Doctor of Philosophy in Addictive Disorders and Recovery Studies

Texas Tech's Ph.D. program in Addictive Disorders and Recovery Studies (ADRS) is one of the only programs of its kind in the country. The doctorate degree in addiction studies is designed to produce graduates that will excel in academic, government, and private sector careers while fulfilling the increasing need for addiction recovery scientists.

Earn a Ph.D. in Addictive Disorders and Recovery Studies – a graduate degree specializing in research related to substance abuse, substance dependence and other behavioral addictions, and recovery from such.

Students in the ADRS graduate program will have access to outstanding research laboratories and recovery resources associated with a nationally recognized collegiate recovery community. Students will learn from faculty members who are leaders in the field of addiction recovery.

Our Ph.D. in Addictive Disorders and Recovery Studies provides a competitive foundation for the leaders and scholars of tomorrow. Student success is driven by innovative opportunities including:

  • Impacting the academic field. Engage in a unique doctoral degree in addiction recovery. Be a part of foundational learning and research regarding addiction, recovery, prevention, resiliency and policy.
  • Learning in relevant, real-world settings. Collaborate with community-based programs such as the Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities and the Family Therapy Clinic at Texas Tech University.
  • Working with scientist-practitioner faculty. Learn the latest in theory and research from Texas Tech's expert doctoral faculty while receiving critical professional mentorship.
  • Showcasing your academic talent and success. Demonstrate advanced understanding of theory and research skills in our addiction studies graduate program by presenting your research at national and international conferences, other academic venues, and professional settings.

Our Addictive Disorders and Recovery Studies doctoral program will foster your expertise in the theoretical foundation and scientific literature related to the recovery from substance and behavioral addictions. Your Ph.D. in addiction studies will give you the ability to produce high-quality scholarly research to advance the field of addiction recovery.

Addictive Disorders and Recovery Studies Ph.D. Objectives and Outcomes

The Addictive Disorders and Recovery Studies doctoral degree will expand your knowledge and skills as a working professional through hands-on coursework and research opportunities that explore theories, issues, and trends related to substance and other behavioral addictions. You will study the biopsychosocial nature of alcohol, drugs and other addictive disorders.

Consistent with Texas Tech's strategic plan, you will be given meaningful opportunities in the following areas:

  • Teaching: Mentor the next generation of addiction recovery scholars and practitioners. Inspire students to learn effectively and efficiently through graduate teaching opportunities including assistantships.
  • Research: Produce high-quality research to advance the field of recovery as part of your learning experience including the development of peer-reviewed articles, conference presentations and grants.
  • Community Engagement: Impact the broader community by engaging in research partnerships and other outreach opportunities.

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