Texas Tech University

Community, Family, and Addiction Sciences

CFAS 4314

CFAS Community Practicum Basic Information

The CFAS 4314 practicum course is designed to provide students with experience in administrative and organizational functioning, as well as the policies and procedures of agencies serving families and the community. This course is generally taken the summer before the students final year; students should enroll for three (3) hours of CFAS 4314 during the first summer semester and three (3) hours of CFAS 4314 during the second summer semester. Plan to complete 150 hours of service with the practicum site over summer I and II. Students will be assigned a grade of “PR” at the end of the summer I semester; final grades will be assigned once all course requirements are complete. In addition to the required hours of service, further course requirements include, but are not limited to (1) compiling a professional resume' and cover letter, (2) writing a goals statement, (3) completing evaluation forms of the practicum site, and (4) developing a professional presentation reviewing practicum goals and overall experience.

During the semester before practicum enrollment, students should obtain a practicum preparation packet from the CFAS Practicum Coordinator, Dr. Nichole Morelock. The preparation packet includes basic instructions, the practicum application form, practicum objectives, and a list of potential practicum placement sites. Many of these forms are also available online. Before beginning the practicum course, the student should complete the following:

  • Complete the application forms and documentation included in the Practicum Preparation packet.
    Application Form | Practicum Sites | Practicum Objectives
  • Identify possible practicum sites by carefully considering the type of practicum experience that aligns with the student's overall career goals.
  • Initiate interviews with potential practicum sites to explore the organization and goodness of fit between the student's goals, abilities, and the needs of the organization.
  • Finalize a practicum placement site (including a schedule plan for completing hours) and submit the completed Practicum Preparation Packet to the CFAS Practicum Coordinator.

For further information about the CFAS 4314 Community Practicum, contact Dr. Nichole Morelock, Department of Community, Family, and Addiction Sciences, at (806) 742-5050 or Catherine.Morelock@ttu.edu.