Texas Tech University

Nicole Piland, Ph.D., LMFT

Family Therapy Clinic Director, Associate Professor of Practice
Couple, Marriage, and Family Therapy

Email: Nicole.Piland@ttu.edu

Phone: (806) 834-1643

Office: 164B

Nicole Piland
Fax: 806-742-0053


  • Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Co-Director of the Center for Family Systems Research and Intervention
  • Director of the Family Therapy Clinic

Research Interests

Clinical/research interests include: trauma, grief and loss, infertility and reproductive loss, poor pre/postnatal diagnoses, and resiliency in families living with medical/intellectual conditions of their loved ones.

Classes Taught

Teaches MFT 6395 Practicum in MFT, MFT 6303 Couples and Sex Therapy, MFT 6342:Grief and Loss Seminar and CFAS 4380 Program Development and Evaluation.  


Leadership/Awards Texas Tech University:

Family Therapy Symposiums, Lubbock, TX (Event Coordinator) (2009 -present), 'Great Start' Pre-Marital Workshops (2010-present), South Plains Suicide Prevention Coalition (2011-2013), Victims Services Networking Support Group (2009-2011), Undergraduate Practicum (Site Supervisor), College of Human Sciences (2008- present), National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week Planning Committee, ITU (2014), Family Therapy Clinic Staff Supervisor (2008-present), Clinical Supervisor for Adjunct Faculty Instructing MFT 6395 Practicum in MFT (2009-present), Center for Study of Addiction & Recovery {CSAR) Support Group Therapy, College of Human Sciences (Fall 2011- present), Emergency Action Team Committee, College of Human Sciences (2010-present), NIH Multi­ disciplinary Team/Grant Proposal Committee, College of Human Sciences (2009)

Recent Publications:

Articles in Print:

Turns, B., Smock-Jordan, S., Callahan, K., Whiting, J., & Piland Springer, N. (2019). Assessing the effectiveness of solution-focused brief therapy for couples raising a child with autism: A pilot clinical outcome study. Journal of Couple and Relationship Therapy. DOI: 10.1080/15332691.2019.1571975

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Book Chapters Submitted: 

Ramisch, J. & Piland, N. (2019) Systemic Approaches for Children, Adolescents, and Families Living with Neurodevelopmental Disorders (pp. 369-396). In (Karen S Wampler & Lenore M. McWey), The Handbook of Systemic Family Therapy, Vol 2.

Book Chapters in Print:

Piland Springer, N
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