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Early Childhood Education Lab Contract

By submitting your information below, you understand that it is a requirement of Texas state law that you attend orientation in order to be enrolled in HDFS/EC 3311 or 3313.

I understand that orientation will be given on the FIRST DAY OF CLASS. Therefore, if I do not attend the first lecture and lab period I may be dropped from the class.

Please be aware some sections are held at Early Head Start, located off TTU campus. We recommend allocating sufficient time before EHS sections start.

It is also required by Texas state law that you must be able to pass a criminal history background check. If you have been arrested before and are concerned about your ability to pass a background check, please contact Stacy Johnson, Director of the CDRC before classes begin.

Once you sign this contract we will issue a permit (as space and graduation priority allow) so that you may enroll for your desired discussion and lab sections. Students who will student teach/graduate first are given priority.

**If you do not meet the required 2.5 GPA you must first get approval from the departmental office.

We will email you to let you know when you have been permitted so that you may complete your enrollment. This course requires both the 3 credit hour discussion section and a no credit hour lab section.

Questions? Contact hs.advising@ttu.edu.

By typing your name above, you acknowledge and agree to all of the above contract information.
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