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Bachelor of Science in Human Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Human Sciences


Complete a flexible Bachelor of Science degree that builds on your strengths and promotes your success in the 21st-century job market.

Texas Tech University's Bachelor of Science in Human Sciences offers a valuable blend of independence and structure.

This rigorous, interdisciplinary human sciences bachelor's degree can help you excel as an independent thinker and creative problem-solver. You will cultivate skills that have immediate value in growing industries such as health care, education, social media, and business. In addition, the bachelor's degree in human sciences prepares you to adapt quickly in response to cultural, economic, and technological changes.

Consider our human science bachelor's degree if you want to:

  • Maximize the value of previously earned college credits. If you are transferring to Texas Tech or resuming your education after a pause, you can reduce your time to graduation by counting previously earned credits toward the human sciences degree. Our advisers will work with you to design a strong academic plan that builds on credits you have already earned from accredited two-year and four-year schools.
  • Develop marketable skills that are in high demand. In today's interconnected economy, employers seek versatile individuals who can synthesize ideas from multiple sources of information. The interdisciplinary human sciences degree showcases your ability to think creatively. You will integrate courses from across the university to build academic expertise, while sharpening skills such as communication, writing, research, critical reasoning, and teamwork.
  • Define your long-range objectives. You will take courses in many different fields and enjoy a variety of experiences. By sampling a broad range of interests, you can understand yourself more fully and chart a future path to fit your passions and abilities.

Build Your Interdisciplinary Human Sciences Degree Around a Strong Academic Core

In the human sciences bachelor's program, you will organize your studies around three areas of concentration, earning a minimum of 18 credits in each concentration. You may be able to satisfy some of these requirements with previously earned credits.

You will choose at least two of your concentrations from academic departments within the College of Human Sciences, with the third coming from a department in any of Texas Tech's 10 colleges. The concentration options within the College of Human Sciences are:

  • Addictive disorders and recovery studies*
  • Apparel design and manufacturing
  • Community, family, and addiction sciences
  • Family and consumer sciences extension education*
  • Human development and family sciences*
  • Human sciences*
  • Interior design
  • Nutritional sciences*
  • Personal finance*
  • Personal financial planning
  • Restaurant, hotel, and institutional management*
  • Retail management*

* = also available for the online human sciences degree

In addition to your three areas concentration, the bachelor's degree in human sciences includes core courses required by the university and the College of Human Sciences.

Career Opportunities in Human Sciences

The interdisciplinary Human Sciences bachelor's degree provides you with a broad range of career opportunities.

If you have a specific career path in mind, our academic advisers will help you choose concentrations and coursework that fit your objective. If you want to explore multiple career possibilities, we will help you design a versatile academic program that expands your career options.

The human sciences degree can prepare you for a variety of career paths. The range of options includes:

  • Education
  • Health care administration
  • Nonprofit leadership
  • Medical and nursing careers
  • Mental health counseling
  • Environmental design
  • Child development
  • Financial advising

Some commonly chosen concentration groupings are:

  • Human Development and Family Sciences, Nutrition, and Health Professions
  • General Business, Restaurant, Hotel and Institutional Management, and Studies in Personal Finance
  • General Business, Retail Management, and Restaurant, Hotel and Institutional Management
  • Human Development and Family Sciences, Addictive Disorders and Recovery Studies, and Sociology or Psychology
  • Human Development and Family Sciences, Community, Family, and Addiction Sciences, and Health Professions
  • Nutrition, Restaurant, Hotel and Institutional Management, and Human Development and Family Sciences


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