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3 Reasons Environmental Designers should get their LEED Certification

In today's world, construction often comes at great cost to the environment. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certifications are changing that. LEED is providing students and current professionals with the knowledge of incorporating a framework for healthy, high-efficiency, and cost-effective design plans.

3 Reasons Environmental Designers should get their LEED CertificationHear from current Environmental Design graduate student, Hayley Richburg, on how her LEED certification has helped drive her forward as a recent graduate of Texas Tech University's Interior Design undergraduate program.

1. Stand out as a Recent Graduate
LEED specifically gives you the proper knowledge to look at designing buildings in an efficient way, which isn't something that is always stressed in school. This could easily land you a job or even increase your salary. It shows employers that you went above and beyond to achieve something you weren't required to which speaks to your time management and dedication.

2. Gain Career Expertise in Green Building
Green building, sustainability, and environmentally friendly designs are quickly becoming the norm in design and architecture. Having the knowledge of designing a building to be beautiful yet also energy efficient is going to be a key to success.

3. Lower Exam Costs for Students
Earning certifications while you are still considered a student provides you with immense discounts on the tests. For example, the LEED Green Associate Exam is typically $250 to take the test, but when you are a student it is only $100. That in itself was motivation!

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