Texas Tech University

College of Human Sciences Strategic Plan

Vision Statement

The College of Human Sciences will have premier research, outreach, and educational programs that enhance human well-being around the world.

Mission Statement

The College of Human Sciences provides multidisciplinary education, research, and service focused on individuals, families, and their environments for the purpose of improving and enhancing the human condition.

Strategic Priorities and Goals

Educate and Empower a Diverse Student Body

Goal 1: Grow and diversify a high achieving student population with an emphasis on creating a supportive climate inclusive to all students.

Goal 2: Nurture and enhance a premier learning environment that fosters success and wellness.

Goal 3: Provide experiential and transformative learning opportunities for students through curricula, practical experience, and study abroad opportunities.

Goal 4: Increase retention and graduation rates, and placement of graduates.


Enable Innovative Research and Creative Activities

Goal 1: Increase the productivity and impact of research, scholarship, and creative activity that advances knowledge, benefits society, improves quality of life, and contributes to economic development.

Goal 2: Enhance capacity and opportunities for research, scholarship, and creative activity for faculty, students, and staff.


Transform Lives and Communities Through Strategic Outreach and Engaged Scholarship

Goal 1: Foster an engaged college that recognizes outreach and engaged scholarship as an essential component of institutional activity.

Goal 2: Increase and strengthen collaborative, mutually beneficial community partnerships that stimulate creativity, innovation, and social and economic development.

Goal 3: Enhance recognition of faculty and staff who contribute to outreach and engaged scholarship activities that impact local, state, national, and global communities.

Goal 4: Achieve a sustainable outreach and engaged scholarship program through diverse funding streams and long-term campus community partnerships.


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