Texas Tech University

College of Human Sciences to Undergo Landscape Improvements

Human Sciences to enhance landscape by the end of Spring 2017 semester

The College of Human Sciences is gaining exciting improvements to COHS Landscaping 2017the front of its building and surrounding areas by the end of the spring 2017 semester. In accordance to the Texas Tech University System's Public Landscaping Enhancement program, one percent of each major project is budgeted in the complementary landscape improvement portion of the program. Renovations are currently underway for the building's fresh new look.

Associate Dean of Administration and Finance Dr. Tim Dodd notes that the first phase of the plan is to repair and improve any safety concerns around the building's exterior, including any needed landscaping and pathway repairs. Construction crews are currently on site finishing the first phase of the project and will continue to advance around the building in its repairs and improvements.

Managing Director of Grounds Maintenance Charles Leatherwood details the project's goals of refreshing the greenery around the building.

"The current landscape is dated and several trees were approaching the end of their life cycle have been removed. Due to the over growth of trees, it was difficult to see and enjoy the architecture of the building. More trees will be planted and spaced to take away from the architecture as they mature."

Dr. Dodd explains that low maintenance and drought-resistant plants will highlight the building's exterior to highlight the building's architecture while flourishing in the Lubbock climate. In addition, the plans will allow for new and improved bike racks for students moved away from the main entrance to improve the flow of traffic.

Charles describes the plan to improve traffic flow in-between classes.

"The original seating area on the west side will be removed and relocated North West of the current location. This will eliminate the congestion with students during class change"

To highlight the front of the building's features, fresh concrete pathways and new brick pavers will be added to provide a little face-lift to the building's exterior.

"We are adding several river rock areas to allow the rainwater time to absorb in the ground during a normal rain event. We are also adding our red and black brick bands in the concrete to create a pattern as across the street at the Administration Building. If you look closely at the brick bands we have a surprise for our university community and visitors."

Dr. Dodd describes his hopes for the end result.

"I hope the renovations are welcomed by alumni and that they see that the new changes blend well with other campus landscaping. I am excited to see the end result. "

Charles notes that the sidewalks, river rock, and bed areas are to be completed by the end of February and for the plants and seating area to be added by March or April.

"I am excited to show this completed project to my sister-in-law, who graduated from the College of Human Sciences in the early 80's. We hope the alumni will be pleased with the project. Our hope is that the new exterior face-lift of this area will be the first step of many to attract people to the College of Human Sciences."