Texas Tech University

Human Sciences students selected as Senior Captains for 2018 Red Raider Orientation

by Ashley Brister

Red Raider Orientation TTU-Senior CaptainsWhen the quest began to select student staff members to lead Red Raider Orientation (RRO) for summer 2018, Human Development and Family Studies' Sara Eaves and Nutritional Sciences' Abigail Jackson were the top candidates chosen for the leadership role of Senior Captains.

Red Raider Orientation is a two-day experience that allows first year students to learn what it means to be a Red Raider with guidance from current undergraduate RRO Crew members and professional staff. The student staff team consists of two Senior Captains, a select group of Captains, and many Crew members.

The role of Senior Captain entails overseeing all of RRO, supervising their fellow Captains and Crew members to ensure that the program runs smoothly. The task is quite an important role, with ample experience and dedication required in order to be considered.

Sara is a Princeton, Texas native that is eager to begin her new role as Senior Captain for RRO. Sara says that outside of RRO, much of her free time is spent serving as a volunteer for Raider Church. Sara is also participating in the implementation of a new charitable giving student organization, Colour World.

Sara says that her passion for impacting the lives of those around her and the responsibility she feels to give back to her community is a major reason why she chose the major of Human Development and Family Studies. Sara intends to use her passion for others to fuel her in her new leadership role with RRO.

"Getting to be a part of something so monumental and meaningful to such a wide variety of individuals is a huge privilege to me. I'm so passionate about this program and the people in it."

Sara says that being selected as one of the Senior Captain is an amazing opportunity.

"I have learned so much from this program and I know this role will provide so much room for growth over the next year. I am excited to play a role in creating a sense of pride for Texas Tech University among my incoming peers. Establishing meaningful connections with not only the incoming Raiders, but the faculty and staff is a monumental opportunity."

Abigail is from Houston, Texas and is currently majoring in Nutrition. Outside of the classroom and RRO, Abigail is active in her roles with President's Select and Kappa Alpha Theta.

Abigail hopes to one day attend medical school where she aims to influence the knowledge surrounding nutrition in the world of medicine.

"Nutrition is so important in daily life, and it's a field in which few doctors are well educated. Knowing how to treat patients by altering their diet is a great alternative to prescription drugs."

Abigail mentions that she was thrilled to have the opportunity to serve as a leader for RRO alongside Sara.

"I want to continue to make students and their families feel welcome and confident about their decisions to attend Texas Tech. As a Senior Captain, I want to help the Captains find their confidence and rhythm of leadership, so they can motivate their Crew members to empower incoming students."

Director of Red Raider Orientation Zach Manning explains what it takes to be chosen as one of the Senior Captains for RRO.

"Senior Captains must be absolutely dedicated to the role with experience to back it up. They really are the top dogs of RRO. They have to really be passionate about leading fellow Red Raiders and have the willingness to learn more about themselves in the process."

Zach describes both Sara and Abigail as students who always place others before themselves.

Red Raider Orientation TTU-Senior Captains"They definitely have the experience, with two summers of leadership on RRO crew. They both constantly have people behind everything that they do, serving with passion and leadership that has a positive impact on those around them."

Zach explains that Abigail and Sara are a great combination, with their strengths complimenting one another.

"Abigail is more analytical and has a scientific approach to everything. She brings a unique perspective with a logistic understanding. Sara is passionate and caring, she really hones in on the personal aspects of things. They both always put others first, I think they will be a great combination of leadership."

Abigail and Sara will assist in the training of their fellow RRO Crew members over the next several months in preparation for the 2018 RRO sessions. We will see Abigail and Sara in action as orientation sessions begin this upcoming summer.

Congratulations, Abigail and Sara!