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HDFS Doctoral Candidate and Fulbright Scholar Presents at International Conference

Ivette Noriega, Fulbright Scholar and Doctoral Candidate Presents her Texas Tech Work at International ConferenceHuman Development and Family Studies (HDFS) doctoral candidate and Fulbright Scholar, Ivette Noriega, is fostering the academic and cultural ties between the U.S. and other nations – specifically, Mexico.

Ivette gave her presentation, titled "Higher Education Abroad: Benefits and Opportunities for Students and Faculty in Social Sciences," on September 18, 2018 at the International Conference for Social Sciences and Business in the city of Chihuahua, Mexico.

"The main purpose of my presentation was to explain the positive impact students and faculty members experience when they internationalize their education and professional development," Ivette said.

Ivette put into perspective the importance of globalization in higher education and the positive impact it may have on faculty and students' personal and professional development such as maturity, marketability, and producing a competitive job profile.

In addition to providing research on the benefits of global higher education, Ivette says she provided conference attendees with an overview of timelines, dates and requirements for fellowships, graduate school applications and scholarships.

"One of the challenges for Mexican students to study abroad besides language, is not having the financial means to do so."

The Fulbright Garcia-Robles program is a grant that helps students from respective countries complete a master's or doctoral degree, Ivette says, while the American Mexican Friendship-Waterman is a private scholarship available for graduate or Ph.D. students attending Texas Tech University from a Mexican university.

"These scholarships not only support Mexican students," Fulbright Scholar Ivette said, "but they also support American institutions in opening their doors to scholars and students with different skills, perspectives and backgrounds for our own student body and faculty to learn from."

Ivette says Texas Tech's Human Development and Family Studies doctoral degree and research prepared her to speak on the topic and the importance of international higher education.

The doctoral academic training has included a strong international perspective due to HDFS's diverse faculty and student body, Ivette says, as well as the diverse international research focus.

"Studying abroad as an undergraduate student at Texas Tech and later having the U.S. State Department sponsor my cultural experience through a Fulbright Grant in South America provided me with many opportunities of professional and personal growth."

Although Texas Tech provides students with knowledge and financial support to study abroad, Ivette explains other educational institutions abroad may not have the same access to information or resources.

"I believe this is why my presentation was very well received by UACH, who is hoping that more students are able to study abroad, especially in the United States."

Ivette was the only U.S. representative at the conference at the Autonomous University of Chihuahua.

"My mother graduated from their nursing program so it was a great honor to present in a professional conference at my mother's alma mater."

The most rewarding part of her experience, Ivette says, was seeing students enthusiastically taking notes during her presentation and some staying behind to talk about their experiences applying for other national scholarships.